The Best ROI of Any System: How Stoney Creek Hospitality Generates More Sales with Tripleseat


Stoney Creek Hospitality started using Tripleseat to manage the sales and catering at its 12 hotels in 2021. As a brand with a longstanding history and experience in the hotel industry, Stoney Creek has worked with many software solutions throughout its time. Stoney Creek’s President, Jeff Mould, said that Tripleseat is the single best return on investment of any system he ever implemented in his 30-year hospitality career.

About the company

Founded in 1994, Stoney Creek Hospitality is comprised of 12 hotels located across the Midwest in Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Each location has its own unique ambiance but always gives guests a “cabin by the lake” feel that the Stoney Creek brand is known to provide. 

While Stoney Creek hotels are the perfect place to stay for a weekend getaway, they are also ideal for celebrating all life milestones. Each hotel has dedicated event and meeting spaces that are fit for both corporate and social events. On the corporate event side, Stoney Creek hosts conferences, corporate meetings, and seminars. On the social event side, Stoney Creek hosts important life events like weddings, birthday celebrations, showers, and everything in between. The rustic and cozy atmosphere of a Stoney Creek hotel makes it a charming location for a memorable private event experience. 

We spoke with Mould to hear about his experience using Tripleseat to manage the sales and catering program at Stoney Creek hotels. 

Before Tripleseat

Stoney Creek Hospitality understands that technology needs to play a role in streamlining processes that lead to the best guest experience. And Stoney Creek wanted a technology partner that understands the hospitality industry mission just as deeply as they do.

Before Tripleseat, Stoney Creek used a legacy technology system that did not provide all of the features that the company needed. They sought a platform to elevate lead generation, reporting, and more. When describing the decision to move to Tripleseat’s solution, Mould said, “Tripleseat is continually improving and updating the platform, continuing to improve the user experience, which ultimately improves the end-user experience for the guest.”

How Tripleseat helped

When it comes to Tripleseat features, there are many that Stoney Creek Hospitality finds useful when running their business. First and foremost, Mould emphasized the importance of the Tripleseat lead form for bringing in new business. The lead form button lives on the Stoney Creek website and is a straightforward way for Stoney Creek to capture event leads across its various locations. 

Stoney Creek prioritizes a seamless guest experience, and the Tripleseat lead form is a feature that helps achieve this priority. The lead form takes a prospect no more than 30 seconds to fill out and then gives the Stoney Creek event team the contact information and details they need to start communications with the prospect and convert that lead into a booking. Stoney Creek utilizes custom Tripleseat lead forms on their website, social media, and other marketing initiatives. 

Stoney Creek is also a user of Tripleseat’s customizable reporting capabilities. By creating custom lead forms, the event team can see where the majority of their leads come from, and in turn, the Stoney Creek marketing team can dedicate more resources to successful lead sources. Tripleseat’s reporting capabilities allow the Stoney Creek team to efficiently measure and manage their data to benchmark their KPIs and guide them to make the best data-driven decisions for the business. 

Stoney Creek also utilizes the partner integrations that Tripleseat provides to enhance their Tripleseat experience even further. Specifically, Stoney Creek chose their PMS system because of its ability to integrate with Tripleseat.

While the platform is easy to use,  Mould knows he can rely on the Tripleseat account management and support teams with any questions. Mould shared, “Every interaction is a memorable experience,” and “The Tripleseat team really understands what it means to actively listen, meaning they listen to understand what it is we are presenting, and they are all about providing solutions.”

In conclusion

Tripleseat is the sales and catering solution that helps Stoney Creek Hospitality achieve its end goal of providing an exceptional guest experience to everyone who walks through a Stoney Creek hotel. As Mould said, Tripleseat is the best return on investment of any solution he has implemented in his 30-year career, which stems from Tripleseat leadership’s understanding of what it means to be in hospitality and event sales, with the guest experience always top of mind.

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