Table-loids: What’s Next in Restaurant Technology, Space Wine, and More Industry News You Should Know


This week in Table-loids I’ve given you a little bit of everything, including the possibility of getting drunk off of booze that traveled more than 33 million miles to get to you.

1. Steak for everyone!
I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about it, but let’s be honest, it’s not going anywhere. No, I’m not talking about the buzz surrounding the government shutdown, I’m talking about vegan meat. The Spoon recently released a video from the leaders of the vegan meat industry, Impossible Foods, where their CEO discusses their newest idea, vegan steak. You read that right, not ground meat or burger patties, a full-on steak. Although the product doesn’t exist yet in a tangible way, the blueprints are in the works. They believe it’s the next logical step in the ever-growing world of “fake” meat. I have to say I’m skeptical but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Impossible Foods and I’m definitely willing, when it’s ready, to stick a fork (and knife) in it.

2. A quick exit
We make dinner reservations with the touch of a button on our phone, we order and pay for takeout with several simple clicks, so why not take the world of cell phones and dining to the next level? Well, it’s going there. Skift Table 
reported that the next big thing in restaurant technology is using our cell phones to pay for dining-out tabs without the help of a server or a cash register. Proponents claim that it will cut down on the time we spend waiting for our server to come back to our table with the final bill. The bill will link to your cell phone as you order things, and once you’re ready to leave, you can pay the bill either using Apple Pay or by entering your credit card information manually, walking out of the restaurant without waiting or even acknowledging your server. My opinion? Although it does take away a bit of the niceties among customers and their servers, being a mother of a toddler, this would have saved me from more than several tantrum situations where waiting for the bill was waiting just a few minutes too long. Let’s just say there’s a good and a bad side to everything.

3. Broaden your reach
I recently ran across an interesting article from NextRestaurants that talks about ways in which you can promote your restaurant in the new year. They mention the ever-expanding world of online reservation systems and how enhancing your restaurant’s online presence and availability is an easy way to boost sales. Also mentioned is the importance of social media exposure, especially on Instagram. These days restaurants are selling an experience as much as they are food and drinks, so advancing your venue with visual content is a simple, and free way to spark interest.

4. Space wine!
And lastly this week, I’d like to leave you with a bit of the future. The Drinks Business
 posted an article speculating that wine from grapes grown on Mars may actually be a thing someday. Also in the space game is “king of beers” Budweiser, who promises to produce the first beer made from barley grown on Mars. While the possibility of growing grapes or barley on Mars is still years from becoming a reality, the Georgian research scientists, among others, are doing to prepare could be helpful in answering other questions regarding agriculture on the planet. So who knows, 30 years from now your wine rep might pour you a sampling of a “dry Georgian white with a pleasing bouquet cultivated from the fiery soil of Mars.” Stranger things have certainly happened.

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