Simplify the Group Reservations Process with TripleseatDirect


How much time do you and your reservation team spend talking on the phone with people that want to book a dinner of 10-20 people? Or how many potential customers move on to other venues because they want to book online? Tripleseat is here to help solve this problem. You’ll be able to both manage mid-size requests and focus more attention on bespoke events.

TripleseatDirect allows you to create parameters for your customers to make a reservation online, selecting the space, guest count, menu, food and beverage minimum, as well as collecting the deposit in an easy-to-use portal. Accept the reservation, and you are done. Simple!

Bobbi Jo Ballard, Banquet & Catering Operations Support Manager at Maggiano’s, said that TripleseatDirect has been key in growing revenue across the company’s 52 locations.

“TripleseatDirect allowed us another avenue to be able to touch guests and still have the opportunity to build that personalization and that relationship with them while still giving them the freedom to know their date is booked, their event is booked, we can worry about the details later. We thought Tripleseat was a great tool for us, and it has been amazing ever since,” Ballard said.

Want to make the group reservations process a wonderful customer experience? Here is how TripleseatDirect can help:

1. Seamless integration for group reservations

TripleseatDirect reservation forms can be easily integrated into your restaurant’s website, social media channels, EventUp directory listing, and more. This means that consumers will feel like they are having a streamlined and branded experience in self-booking a table or space directly with your restaurant. They’ll avoid having to go through a third-party platform. 

2. Flexibility specific to what your restaurant can accommodate

With TripleseatDirect, you have the flexibility to customize the booking process to fit your restaurant’s specific needs and available resources. You’ll free up time which will allow you to provide great customer service. You manage your digitized calendar to specify availability, and you control your menu offerings and upsell opportunities to guide your customers along the booking process. 

3. Real-time availability and real-time reservations

This robust system provides real-time, cloud-based availability of group dining options, so consumers can see what times are available and book accordingly. With real-time availability, you can ensure that customers are always able to book a group when they want to, without any delays or complications. 

4. Help your customers with booking confirmation and reminders

Communication and automation are key components of TripleseatDirect. Once your customer makes the group reservation and you approve it, the system sends a confirmation email to the customer, letting them know that the deposit has been collected and their booking has been accepted. 

5. Consistency and accuracy for the win

Our centralized group reservation management helps you better organize and manage your reservations with consistent and extremely reliable software. By streamlining your group reservation process, you’ll avoid errors or complications like overbooking or double-booking.

6. It’s all about the customer experience

People want to move on their timeline. By allowing customers to reserve a group reservation or catering order 24/7, you are empowering them. And in turn, you are able to better predict menus and improve profitability by offering packages that are strong for you. This makes online booking a win-win experience.  

Ginny Cook, Director of Events, Programming & Partnerships for Land & Sea Dept., said that TripleseatDirect has been a huge help and saves time for her small team.

“TripleseatDirect has been super turn-key for us because we have a really lean team to manage a huge amount of events across a lot of different stores, and to have those smaller parties just be able to totally choose their own adventure and the one-click book has saved our event managers a huge amount of time,” Cook said. “We are really enthusiastic about that feature because anyone who works in events knows that you can spend the same amount of time planning for a $1,000 party as you can for a $30,000 party.”

Find out more about TripleseatDirect for Group Reservations Process

Overall, by utilizing TripleseatDirect, you can provide a frictionless group booking experience for in-person events and off-site catering that is both personalized and convenient for your customers. If you aren’t taking advantage of making booking easy for your customers. Schedule a demo at your convenience to take a closer look and see what Tripleseat has to offer.