Set Your Hospitality Venue Up for Success With These TSU Webinars


The outlook for hospitality and events is much more positive in 2021 compared to last year, as the COVID-19 vaccine continues to be distributed, capacity restrictions have been rolled back, and customers have started to venture out to local businesses again.

Is your restaurant, hotel, or unique venue ready to connect with customers and have the right tools in place to generate leads and manage event bookings?

Tripleseat University recently held a series of webinars to help your venue get back on track. These four sessions cover the Tripleseat features that will help you get organized, improve your site and guest experience, and streamline booking for your customers. You’ll also get advice on how to use social media and email marketing to reach customers and prospects in order to drive more event bookings.

  • Starting Your Day With Tripleseat: In this session, our experts will teach event managers how to most efficiently spend their time in Tripleseat to improve guest and staff communication, create effective follow-ups, and increase revenue.
  • Making the Most of Tripleseat (Tips & Tricks): Moving beyond the basics, our Tripleseat experts will cover advanced tips and tricks that will elevate your site and guest experience. Topics will include document exporting, site and color branding, automatic tasks, calendar export, and more!
  • Improving Client Experience and Eliminating Hurdles to Booking: In this session, our team will discuss ways to improve the booking experience for your clients by streamlining information flow and eliminating unnecessary obstacles. We will also demonstrate how Tripleseat’s newest feature, TripleeatDirect, can help you and your team save time and generate more revenue.
  • How Marketing Can Boost Event Bookings: Marketing is more important than ever as a way to drive event business for your venue. In this session, we’ll cover how to make your business stand out with social media, email marketing, and other tools. And we’ll look at the Tripleseat features that work hand-in-hand with your marketing efforts.

View the recordings of all four sessions below or by accessing our YouTube playlist.

More resources for reopening

We want to help hospitality businesses have a successful reopening so we’ve taken the lessons we’ve learned from customers and the industry, and created two Events Industry Handbooks. Our restaurant and venue guide has sections on topics such as safety guidelines, technology, contracts, social and corporate events and trends, event packages, catering, offers, marketing, and more. The guide for hotels includes hotel-focused tips and sections on safety, technology, contracts, social and corporate events and trends, group sale packages, catering, offers, marketing, and more.