Technology Founders Need To Have Experience Working In Hospitality


The restaurant technology market has exploded in the last few years with new POS solutions, table reservation systems, and business intelligence reporting. With all this new technology, it is easy to get confused about who does what and what the benefits and ROI are for the restaurant. As you are evaluating the newest restaurant tool, it is critical to know one thing: Have the founders of the technology ever worked in a restaurant?

Why is this so important? It’s simple. The restaurant business is like no other industry, and if they have never been part of it, how could they understand what you need to do your job better, faster, and easier? A technology that was developed by a non-restaurant founder is often missing critical components and does not “feel” like it was designed for you and your job.

At Tripleseat, our employees we have collectively worked more than 150 years in the hospitality industry. I started in restaurants when I was 13 as a busboy in a local pizza joint. I spent five years as a general manager at Back Bay Restaurant Group before I moved over to hotels as an event manager with Marriott and Starwood Hotels (I made the switch to hotels because, you know, working weekends is rough). You can see and feel my experience in hospitality in Tripleseat. The way you create a booking and banquet event order in Tripleseat has a common sense flow that only a former event manager would know. The ability to capture leads and have them automatically added to Tripleseat’s SmartLeads comes from my experience of having to cut and paste leads from emails to whatever I was using at the time.

Remember, there is no substitution for experience in restaurants and that goes double for the technology.

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