Data is Important: How to Use Tripleseat Reports


Data is key to making important decisions about your business. Data also lets you know what is going on within your business and how the business is doing. At Tripleseat we understand that. We have developed interactive reports that allow you to view the data in a way that makes sense and is flexible. We don’t have “canned” reports that force you to run multiple reports to understand the data. You can can choose the data and what you want to report on.

Within Tripleseat the Reports are broken into 3 Sections: Bookings Data,Accounts and Contacts Data, and finally Leads Data. Within each section are reports that relate to the sections. From those reports you can customize the data and export to Excel. Let’s take a look at each Section and corresponding related to reports.


Under the Bookings Section there are 3 reports called Booking Details Report and Booking Financial Report.

  1. Booking Details Report-This section will report on everything that is in a Booking including any and all custom fields you may have. For example: Report on all bookings in the last 6 months that are definite with lead source, deposit amount, guarantee number and Grand Total.
  2. Booking Financial Report-This section will let you compare where you are in bookings by status (prospect,tentative, definite) and booking actuals to the same time last year. This will show you your pace (if you are up or down) compared to last year.
  3. Payment Report-The Payment Report is a financial report that shows you who has paid,who has not paid, what each booking owes, and how people paid you and when. If you use our online Credit Card payment solution this report will also show you your Credit Card payments.
Tripleseat Reports

Tripleseat Reports


In the Accounts and Contacts section there are 2 reports:

  1. Accounts and Contacts Report-List all of your Contacts and their detailed information. Filter and group by city, state, zipcode and more. Use this report to access ALL the information on your contacts like emails. You can export this report to Excel and then upload the Excel spreadsheet into your email marketing tool for email blasts. If you use ConstantContact you can integrate Tripleseat and skip this step as it automatically syncs all contacts
  2. Most Booked Contacts Report-View your biggest accounts and contacts, ordered by number of bookings and revenues earned. This is a very powerful report that can show you what contacts book the most with you and the booking value of each contact. Know in a click of a mouse who your #1 customer is and develop a your VIP list.
Customize Your Reports

Customize Your Reports


The Lead Report is unique to Tripleseat. Because Tripleseat can track event leads and what happens to them you can report on where the leads are coming from and what lead sources convert to bookings.

  1. Lead Details Report-View all detailed lead information. This is a good way to see a list of the leads you received over a period of time.
  2. Lead Conversions Report-See a daily breakdown of the number of leads received daily and how many were converted to bookings, contacts, or lost.

The Tripleseat Reports are dynamic and easy to use. There is nothing you cannot Report on when it comes to your Event Business. Take a moment to play around with the reports and discover new insights into your business. If you would like a training session feel free to reach out to us at to schedule a time.