Tripleseat Ticks All the Boxes: Learn How Louie London Uses Event Management Software

Louie London Uses Event Management Software Tripleseat

A regular host of West End film premiers, Louie is located in London’s Covent Garden. Louie is a place where a modern, playful twist on Parisian cool comes to life. Across the four levels of this 19th-century Victorian townhouse, there are spaces which cater to full floor hire, including an undercover cabana space at the famous Alligator Bar. 

Phil Nankivell has extensive hospitality experience and is the Events Consultant on-site at Louie London. Phil’s experience using Tripleseat goes back a decade. In his consultancy role, he oversees onsite events as well as the digital transformation of venues like Louie, where he bought Tripleseat on board to help streamline the event management process. Phil talks about the ease of use for the team, where everyone is able to access Tripleseat – even on their mobiles to ensure everything is covered before an event.

How Tripleseat helps streamline the events management process

Phil Nankivell, Events Consultant, Louie London

Phil brought Tripleseat to Louie London with the objective of improving efficiencies for the team, the customer experience, and increasing sales, “Tripleseat ticks all the boxes,” Phil says. 

Phil talks about how effectively managing leads is key to the events business at Louie. With Tripleseat, Phil is able to see how many leads are coming in, and how the team is converting these into confirmed events at Louie. Tripleseat helps the team forecast revenue based on what’s confirmed and use this data to help inform future months. 

“Tripleseat allows us to get back to our leads much quicker… where we used to focus on admin, we’re able to focus on the guest,” says Phil. The efficiency and immediacy of communication to leads is critical to confirm the booking and all communication is in one platform. 

Another favourite Tripleseat feature is the Stripe integration. “Clients can now pay directly with Tripleseat, either a minimum or final spend,” says Phil. 

By using Tripleseat as an event management platform, Phil feels that he and the entire team have all details in one place. With this, Phil feels he has a tool that gives him full visibility of the end-to-end process and most importantly can see how the process is streamlined and helps increase revenue. 

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