Join the April Event Manager Bingo Challenge on Instagram


We know that the hospitality industry is going through a challenging time right now, so we want to bring our customers some joy with productive and fun challenges. Join us in participating in Tripleseat’s April Event Manager Bingo Challenge on Instagram! Check out the bingo board below and get started on filling your board from April 1 – 30!


  • Share a photo of each challenge on Instagram as a story from April 1 – 30
  • Tag @tripleseat and hashtag #tripleseatbingo. Be sure to put your account on public so we can see the tags!
  • Use emojis to cross off the boxes you complete, and post your board progress after any completions. One square allowed per participant each day!
  • DM us on Instagram when you achieve five in a row to be eligible for a Tripleseat swag prize. Anyone who completes the full board by the end of April will be put in a raffle for a custom gift package prize! Must follow tagging instructions to win.

We’re here to help

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