Innovative Ideas for Brewery Events: From Tastings to Tap Takeovers

From Tastings to Tap Takeovers Innovative Ideas for Brewery Events with Tripleseat

When it comes to organizing and hosting events in your brewery, Tripleseat, the #1 guest and event management software for breweries, can help you bring innovative ideas to life. Here are some creative event ideas you can explore using Tripleseat’s features:

Food and beer pairings

Collaborate with your chef to develop unique food and beer pairing dinners. Use Tripleseat to manage the menu planning, communicate with the culinary team, and track the dietary restrictions or preferences of your guests. These events provide an immersive dining experience that highlights the complementary flavors of your beers and the dishes.

If you don’t have a kitchen, you can collaborate with local chefs or restaurants to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience for your guests.

Tap takeovers and collaboration events

Organize tap takeovers where you feature beers from guest breweries or showcase unique collaborations with other brewers. Use Tripleseat to coordinate the logistics, such as managing the guest brewery’s beer selection, scheduling tap changes, and promoting the event. This creates a sense of excitement and exposes your attendees to a wider range of beers.

Seasonal and specialty beer releases

Create buzz around seasonal or limited-edition beer releases by hosting special release parties. Use Tripleseat to manage the event details, such as the release date and promotions. Consider offering exclusive tastings, brewery tours, or even pre-sales for attendees to get a first taste of these limited or seasonal beers.

Charity events and fundraisers

Collaborate with local charities or nonprofit organizations to host fundraising events at your brewery. Use Tripleseat to manage event details, menus, and donations. Consider offering a percentage of the event’s proceeds or creating a special beer release to support the cause, which can attract attendees who want to support the community. Combining beer with adopting a shelter dog is a match made in heaven and one of the best ideas for brewery events. 

With the above in-house events, it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase what an event would be like in your space. Event planners can start to visualize possibilities for their own private events, encouraging them to connect with you about renting the brewery for a complete buy-out or booking a private event space. 

Remember to leverage Tripleseat’s features for online booking, communication, contract generation, and reporting to streamline the planning and execution of these innovative brewery events. These ideas will help you create memorable experiences for attendees and showcase the unique offerings of your brewery.

Say cheers to Tripleseat, event management for breweries, brewpubs, and taprooms.