How Tripleseat Helps Improve Teamwork at a NYC Rooftop Restaurant


Located in New York City’s Herald Square, Monarch Rooftop Bar & Indoor Lounge is in a prime spot for after-work gatherings for employees commuting to Midtown.

“Events are super-important to our company because they provide 33 percent of our business, and because of our location and where we are, our clientele is always looking for happy hour events, after-work events, and that’s what we cater to the most,” said Genese Perez, the creative director for Monarch Rooftop and Addison Hospitality Group.

Managing those events takes a lot of people and a lot of communication. Tripleseat helps to coordinate all of the details between team members whether they’re working face to face or using the features on the go via smartphone or tablet.

“I think Tripleseat impacts other departments that I work with because there’s a lot of communication. So we’re always on the same page and all of the information is there … it makes us work better together,” Perez said. “That’s what we love the most about Tripleseat is that you can pick it up from anywhere, especially when you’re using the internal discussions. It makes it so helpful.”

Learn more about why Monarch uses Tripleseat by watching the video below:

Tripleseat Testimonial: Genese Perez of Monarch from Tripleseat on Vimeo.

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