How Tripleseat Helps a Texas Food Hall Manage Events


Legacy Food Hall, a 55,000 square foot food and entertainment destination in Plano, Texas, has no problem bringing in business on the weekends. The weekdays are a little more challenging, according to Steve Smith, Director of Sales.

That’s when Legacy Food Hall works to fill those slower days with as many private dining bookings as possible.

“Private events, to our business, are really important because we’re really busy on the weekends and we have lots of seats to fill, and I basically book during the slow times on Monday through Thursday, filling in with happy hours and corporate events,” Smith said.

They couldn’t attract or manage those bookings without Tripleseat.

“Tripleseat has made my job better and streamlined it. It also is foolproof … it really helps out to make sure that you’re not making any mistakes or double-booking,” Smith said.

With 26 food stalls and six private event spaces — including a brewery and the 1,500-person Box Garden entertainment space — there’s a lot of information and communication to keep track of. Everyone involved with events at Legacy Food Hall uses Tripleseat to manage all of the details.

“Everyone can sign in and see what’s going on. So it lets them know when big business is coming because it affects how much volume they do,” Smith said.

Watch our interview with Smith to learn more about the crucial role that Tripleseat plays in Legacy Food Hall’s events.

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