How to Turn an Office Into an Event Venue


At Tripleseat, we know it’s totally possible to build a private events program — even if you don’t have a designated space to host events. If you have office space that you’d like to transform into a successful event venue to increase revenue, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

We talked to innovative workplace Roam about how they did it, and how other offices can follow suit, no matter their setup.

Coworking space

Roam was launched in Alpharetta, Ga., in 2008 by a group of guys from IBM who were asked to work remotely full-time. They soon realized that they needed a workspace that was professional and free from interruptions. While Roam originally had a full-service restaurant inside and hosted birthday parties at night, they altered their format in 2010 to what it is now: a coworking space that’s offered to members who pay a monthly membership fee.

Coworking spaces can also be ideal event venues. They’re usually spacious, have a kitchen area, offer solid A/V capabilities, and are easy to access. If you own a coworking space that’s typically used on weekdays, events can be a great way to bring in extra revenue on the weekends.


Because of the flexibility of their space, Roam was able to maintain hosting regular events without infringing upon their main membership clientele. The space has boardrooms that comfortably seat 12 people, and additional rooms that can seat up to 175. With these and their other large rooms, they can set up event venue areas in different styles to meet clients’ needs — including a variety of catering options that stand out from the banquet or hotel catering options at a more traditional venue. Spaces like this are perfect for business meetings, intimate gatherings, and presentation-focused events.

Common area

It’s easier than one may think to transform a “blank canvas”-type space, such as an office’s common area. By implementing just a few inventive decor touches (such as tea lights, flowers, fabric lining the walls, a pop-up bar, or even props), you can give the area a whole new feel. Other simple tactics include adding tablecloths, quirky pillows on pre-existing furnishings, or switching up the lighting by swapping out overhead fluorescent lights with special feature lighting (which you can rent).


If your office building has a rooftop that’s easily accessible and safe for a crowd, there’s definitely potential for turning it into an event space. After taking a few helpful tips into consideration (like being prepared for unexpected bad weather, checking your insurance policy, figuring out how to accommodate entertainment, and embracing the venue’s nontraditional aspects), all it takes is some fun food and drinks, a sunset or nighttime soiree and a few finishing touches (we suggest string lights and good musical accompaniment) to make a memorable event. Bonus points if your guests snag some great skyline or sunset shots and tag your venue in their social posts.

Outdoor space

If you don’t have a rooftop or conference rooms but boast a nice lawn area, patio or green space, you still have options. If there is a budget for renting poseur tables or chairs (or even mixing it up with Moroccan seating areas or light-up cube tables), you can create an inviting space that allows for guests to mix and mingle. Simple touches go a long way here — like seeing if the catering company can match the napkin color to your business’s logo, or adding a fun stirrer to cocktails. And it won’t hurt to have a tented area, just in case!

Start booking with the right software

Now that you know the deal on turning an office into a great event space, find out how Tripleseat helps you streamline the event planning process. Schedule a demo at your convenience to take a closer look.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on the Gather blog and written by Caroline Cox.