How to Promote Your Events Business on Social Media


Whether we like it or not, we live and work in an on-demand, technology-driven economy, and social media plays a huge role. When you want to grow leads and find new customers, you need to factor it into your strategy.

Here’s the deal: it’s time to adapt or die. You need to have some social media presence because social media is the top marketing tool used by restaurants. Prospects and customers are using it to research businesses like yours. If you’re not on top of social media to generate leads, your competition is going to get to them first.

A few weeks ago, we talked about how you can jumpstart your social media marketing for your restaurant or venue by doing some research ahead of time to choose the right social networks for your business. Once you’ve established a presence on the social networks your customers are using to find information about businesses like yours, and you’ve started to build an audience, it’s time to get the word out about your events business.

Social media posts that work

Here’s a few examples from Tripleseat customers to inspire you on the types of social media posts that will help you generate leads.

1. Tell your audience when you’re closed for a private event

Let’s start with this post from Yvonne’s of Boston. This is a post that every Tripleseat customer should be doing. Just like all of you, Yvonne’s has tons of private events. Each event is a great excuse to promote your private events business! When you are closed or if part of your venue isn’t accessible because of an event, post about it to let your customers know what’s going on, but also make them aware that they can book with you as well, and share your Tripleseat lead form link in the post.

2. Pin your events posts to your profile

The Carlyle Grill pinned this post to the top of their Facebook page during the holidays to promote private holiday parties. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow you to pin one post to the top of your profile – take advantage of this. When people click on your profile, this post will be the first post they see. They used a holiday image in this post and of course, they included their Tripleseat lead form link.

3. Insert yourself into a viral, local conversation

Check out this post from The Caramel Room. They took a viral, local event and made it work for them. A couple got engaged at the NHL Winter Classic in St. Louis and a fan captured it on Snapchat. The post was shared all over the different networks. The Caramel Room decided not only to share it, but asked their fans to help find the couple, and if the couple booked their wedding with them, they offered 1% off their booking for every goal made by the St. Louis Blues. Such a great idea!

4. Use images that stand out

This is an Instagram post from the Bostonia Public House, which did such a great job during the holiday season promoting their private events business using eye-catching images. Instagram is tricky because you can’t use a clickable link in your post caption, but you can have the text there, and you can share a clickable link in your bio. Try this. You’d be surprised how many people click the link in the bio or just type it in their browser.

Set yourself up for success with Tripleseat and social media

Now is the perfect time to put these tips into practice with your social media marketing. As you become more consistent with social media posts and promotions, prospects will begin to develop a relationship with you – to know, like, and trust your business. And that will result in more bookings and more revenue in 2018.

Learn more about using Tripleseat and social media to get more leads

Sign up for our upcoming webinar, Beyond Basics: Using Tripleseat to Generate Leads with Social Media on Wednesday, Jan. 10 at 2 pm EST. We’ll share how two Tripleseat tools –  the Facebook app and the lead form link – can be used on social media to generate business results.