How to Make Customer Feedback Part of Your Focus in 2023


By Sandra Holland, Director of Marketing for Benbria

Collecting feedback from event clients and their guests may sound like a simple task, but doing so effectively can actually be more complicated than you think.

Especially when you’re managing multiple areas of your events and coordinating anywhere from a few dozen to thousands of guests.

However, there is an easier way.

Using Loop’s integration with Tripleseat, you can collect feedback seamlessly from your guests and capture insight to continuously improve your events. Let’s explore how.

The value of collecting guest feedback

Before we dive into how Loop and Tripleseat work together, it’s important to understand why you should be collecting feedback in the first place.

Guest feedback is a critical way to understand your clients’ and guests’ needs while highlighting vital pain points to focus on. It’s unlikely that every guest will go out of their way to make a comment or provide feedback on their experience, which makes it difficult to resolve or modify your events in a way that drives satisfaction. After all, you can’t fix what you can’t see.

However, by prompting guests with feedback surveys in the moment, you get insight directly from them and can further investigate how to refine the experience. Loop’s integration with Tripleseat provides you with a range of customer insights, such as customer sentiment, time to respond, trending conversation topics, employee performance, and more. Having this understanding of common trends within individual experiences can help you modify operations for greater satisfaction and build a durable plan for the future.

Further, the integration also provides real-time insight for recovery in the moment. Perhaps the food is stellar, but the cocktail lounge bar is low on refreshments. Having real-time feedback can alert staff to replenish refreshments immediately and notify your venue’s event manager to speak to the guest who made the comment. This not only improves the experience but also contributes to a more agile team and a better reputation.

How to automate customer feedback collection with Tripleseat and Loop

Keeping exceptional guest experiences top of mind, Tripleseat and Loop partnered to deliver an integration that simplifies the feedback collection process.

Using this integration, there are a number of touchpoints within the guest journey where an event coordinator could send a survey to a customer. This includes before the event begins, during the event — in areas such as the lounge, foyer, and bathrooms — as well as a follow-up after the event.

So, how exactly can you start the integration process?

In this section, we’ll highlight exactly how to set up feedback automation using both platforms. 

Getting set up with Tripleseat and Loop

First, you must ensure that you have both a Tripleseat account and a Loop account with Benbria. They work in synergy and must be connected on the backend using a unique Public API Key. If you have trouble locating this key, feel free to contact a customer support specialist for more information.

After your two platforms are connected, simply set up an event in Tripleseat as you normally would, with all the required parameters.

Switch over to the Loop Experience Platform and select the survey projects option. Here’s where the fun of feedback collection begins. In this section of the Loop Platform, you can create a customized event survey — via the email channel — that is engaging and on-brand.

With Loop, it’s as easy as selecting the element you want, dragging it, and dropping it in a specific area of the survey. Customize the coloring, add your questions, and select any actions you’d like your team to take for specific answers (details on this can be found here).

Last but certainly not least, it’s time to configure your survey for distribution. Under Tripleseat Settings in Loop, simply select whether you’d like to send your survey before or after the event. Select the type of event and the amount of time it should take for the survey to be triggered.

Once this is complete, you’re ready to start collecting insights! For more details on the integration and how it works, click here.

Collecting insights

As you continue to prompt guests with surveys, insights will begin rolling in. With that, it’s important to constantly monitor the feedback you get and make note of any recurring comments. Having regular team meetings can hold others accountable for improvement, while setting up subscriptions to your dashboards can keep you constantly in the know. This works for both in-the-moment occurrences for current events or can provide more general insight for future event coordination strategy.

With Loop, you can see key metrics and trending topics in real time while having the ability to download your reports on the go. Share comments with employees on the floor or send a PDF to a catering company on the satisfaction of their meals. Remember, the insights you gather are one of the most critical parts of your program, so it is important you’re using a solution that allows you to stay on top of it. 

Final thoughts

Collecting insights from guests plays a major role in successful event planning. Not only does it provide you with data to improve the experience in the future, but it also can help you recover more immediate experiences. Planning an event is no easy feat, however, with the help of guest feedback and a general understanding of upcoming expectations, it becomes a lot simpler.

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