How to Improve Restaurant Sales with Our TripAdvisor Partnership


TripAdvisor is not only the world’s largest travel site, but it is also one of the largest restaurant sites in the world. Represented in 49 markets worldwide, with 4.9 million listed restaurants across the globe, and 200 million average monthly restaurant visits, TripAdvisor’s reach in the restaurant community is undeniable. 

Even better? Tripleseat customers can take advantage of the power of TripAdvisor with TripAdvisor Ads and Premium for Restaurants plans. The process to claim your free TripAdvisor restaurant listing, complete a high-quality profile, and invest in add-on features that enhance your user experience are all quick and easy steps that provide a rewarding payoff. 

Looking to improve your restaurant’s online presence to diners in your area? Care to improve your customer base? Curious to monitor traffic to your own specialized listing page? TripAdvisor’s platform will fulfill all of these needs and more, and Tripleseat customers receive a discounted rate for the first year on all premium and ad packages.

Start by creating a TripAdvisor listing
To claim your restaurant listing, head to to begin the process of setting up your own profile. For large restaurant groups, it is possible to claim multiple locations in bulk to streamline the setup process. Within a restaurant’s TripAdvisor listing at the basic level, it is possible to create a profile with standard information such as operation hours, address, contact info; specify restaurant category or cuisine type; upload high-quality restaurant images; and monitor and respond to restaurant reviews. This platform alone sets your restaurant up to be noticed by millions of TripAdvisor users, so it is in your restaurant’s best interest to create a top-notch listing. 

Take your listing’s visibility to the next level with TripAdvisor Ads
While joining TripAdvisor with a standard listing is the first step to growing your restaurant’s presence online and driving business to your venue, there are multiple opportunities that TripAdvisor provides to push your restaurant above your competitors. The first opportunity is through TripAdvisor Ads. Diners searching on TripAdvisor are looking to decide on a restaurant, and a TripAdvisor Ad will capture their attention and drive them directly to your listing page. Restaurants using TripAdvisor Ads receive preferred placement, appearing first on the page to diners looking for a restaurant that matches your description. The ad will show at the top of a location search of your area, the top of a search for your specific cuisine type, and the top of a search when the diner’s current location is near you. This last example is especially beneficial when your restaurant is located near a museum or large tourist attraction where participants will often also need a place to eat.

Every click on TripAdvisor is highly qualified, so the traffic you’ll get is from browsers who are ready to be converted into a customer. TripAdvisor Ads users only pay for the clicks they get to their listing, so there is no need to worry about hidden fees or commitments. Within your restaurant’s management center, you have the ability to track ad performance to see exactly how many people have seen your ads and how many people have visited your page, determine projected customers based on site traffic, and calculate your ROI from the ads. Tripleseat customers will receive all of these features from TripAdvisor ads for a discounted rate.

Upgrade to TripAdvisor Premium to enhance your listing with three unique features
Along with purchasing TripAdvisor Ads, TripAdvisor provides users with an opportunity to upgrade to TripAdvisor Premium, which comes with multiple benefits TripAdvisor Premium lets your restaurant highlight its best features on your listing with the help of TripAdvisor’s Storyboard. Easy to set up and creatively design, the Storyboard allows you to highlight your best features through eye-catching photos and reviews in the form of a video that is featured at the top of your listing. 

Premium users can also tell the world why diners love their restaurant by clearly showcasing the top three reasons that make your restaurant unique on your listing. Tell diners everywhere how your venue is perfect for groups and serves the best cuisine with this Premium feature. 

Lastly, Premium users can pin a favorite review that will appear at the top of all other reviews. Highlighting positive reviews about your restaurant is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your restaurant, so this feature is also beneficial to driving a diner to your dinner table.

Case study: TripAdvisor Premium created a demand for a London restaurant
In a case study about TripAdvisor Premium users, Bodean’s BBQ in London’s Soho neighborhood found that after upgrading to TripAdvisor Premium, they saw a significant increase in their traffic statistics. Phone calls to their location went up as much as 250% and hits to their restaurant website increased significantly due to the help of the Premium features. TripAdvisor Premium pricing will vary based on location, but Tripleseat users will always receive preferred pricing on the cost.

Elevate your TripAdvisor status and get found by prospective customers
TripAdvisor Ads and Premium packages can help promote your venue on the world’s largest travel site and get you in front of active diners ready to make a dining decision. This provides you with significant exposure, the ability to grow your business and an increase in dining and event sales. Visit our TripAdvisor partnership page to learn how to get started on implementing these strategies with a Tripleseat customer discount.