How to Get Your Venue Listing Ready for the Holidays


Typically during the holidays, how your business serves the community changes and this year is certainly no exception. Hours are extended to allow more foot traffic, there’s more promotions for gift card sales, menus are updated to include heartier warm meals to fight off the winter cold, and your venue’s calendar has buyouts or private dining bookings for holiday events scheduled through the end of the year.

There’s a lot of seasonal changes at your venue that should be shared with the general public, which means it’s time to update your EventUp or VENUES listing.

Did you know that 80% of consumers will use search to find information about nearby businesses? And nearly half of those visitors will use mobile. Make it easier for customers and future guests to find the following information they are looking for by having an updated listing. 

Hours: Update the special hours for both the holiday season and any closures due to private events or planned shutdowns. 

Menu: Change out those menu links for the holiday seasonal food and drink menus. Don’t forget to add the kids’ menu if you offer one. 

New offerings or packages: Make sure you update your about section with any holiday sales or promotions that you are running no matter how big or small. Do you offer any food or drink kits, online cooking classes, or desserts to-go? Plug those offerings and how to order them from your venue so even if someone isn’t planning an event, you can get them in the door as a customer. That gives you the opportunity to delight them, so in the future, when they do have an event to plan, they will think of you. 

Holiday-inspired photos: Holiday photos can be from a holiday event last year, any holiday decor you have set up around the venue, or something a simple as your holiday menu or gift cards styled with lights and garland. Show off visually that you are in the holiday spirit and are open to help create joy for your guests. 

Encourage reviews: Create an email or social media campaign encouraging happy guests to leave positive reviews by offering a free appetizer or dessert. Then add those positive reviews to your listing. More than 80% of people trust reviews online even if they don’t know the person who wrote the review. The more positive reviews you have, the more new people will want to become guests themselves. 

More resources

Updating your listing shouldn’t just be on your holiday to-do list. It should be something you do regularly as your menu, venue, or offerings change. Check out these resources to help your venue listing stand out on the Tripleseat Booking Network.