How to Edit Your Venue Images Using Free Tools


Having high-quality photos of your venue on your EventUp listing is a must. In an increasingly digital world, it’s crucial for potential event clients to view and learn about your restaurant, hotel, or unique venue before they set foot inside. One of the most effective ways to grab the attention of event planners is with professional photography.

Data from EventUp found that venue listings with three or more photos are viewed three times more than those listings with just one photo. Plus, the average number of leads submitted for listings with three or more photos was nearly 33% higher than listings with only one.

3 important factors when deciding what images to use

There are three main factors to consider when you are selecting which photos to showcase on your EventUp listing:

  1. Quality 
  2. Sizing
  3. Type of file

1. Photo image quality

Good quality images are high in resolution, shot in landscape mode, with tons of natural light. The ideal images are taken by professional photographers, but you can mimic high-quality images with a newer iPhone and some ring lights bought on Amazon. 

2. Photo sizing

The EventUp portal has some size limitations to ensure that photos are displayed correctly and present your venue in the best way.

  • 960 x 640 = minimum size
  • 1920 x 1080 = maximum and ideal size 

Images that are too small will look blurry, pixelated and provide an overall poor quality image. This is not how you want to present your venue to planners looking for their ideal venue. 

3. Photo file type

There are only three file types that the EventUp portal accepts:

JPG – .jpg files are the most common format type found online because they are best for complex images with no wording. Using a .jpg helps reduce loading time on websites.

PNG – .png files are used more for digital designs that use several colors, layers, and word content which lend to larger file sizes.

GIF – .gif files are essentially the same thing as .png files but limit the number of colors that can be used so these files tend to be smaller and load faster than .jpg files.

Things to consider when uploading photos to your listing

Display – Before you upload images to your EventUp account, rotate them the correct way, so they are not showing as sideways.

It’s as easy as opening an image from your desktop, and clicking the Rotate button till the image is displaying the correct way.

Free image editing tools we love and recommend

  • Canva – graphic design platform
  • Gimp – free and open-source graphics editor
  • Face Pixelizer – image privacy editor

Incorrect image size

If the only images you have at the moment are smaller than 1920×1080 – you can always add a border around them to increase the overall image size so they will appear full size in your account without being full size. By adding a border to the top or bottom (or both) you can get the photo to frame correctly in the header.

Canva offers a free account, and the marketing team at Tripleseat and EventUp does use a paid version. In Canva, you would create a new design with the custom size of 1920 x 1080.

Then drag and drop your image on your new project. You can try stretching the photo just a little so it doesn’t look blurry, add a border in a color that looks best with the photo itself, or simply leave the photo on the white background that is the ideal size for your EventUp listing. 

Gimp offers incredible tools for image editing, illustrations, and scripted image manipulation. You do have to download a local copy to be able to use the tool. I prefer Canva since it’s online software that I can give direct access to team members you can then make comments or edits right on my designs.

Images with sensitive information 

If you have images from a previous event that you want to share but don’t want to show faces you can use the free blurring tool Face Pixelizer

Before using Face Pixelizer’s blurring effect
After using Face Pixelizer’s blurring effect

Now you know what photos will work perfectly within your EventUp listing, how to edit them if they are too small, and what free tools the EventUp team recommends using. You are now ready to update your EventUp listing with the best photos possible to grab even more planner attention and drive more event leads. 

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on the EventUp blog.