How Becoming Dog-Friendly Will Increase Your Hotel Sales


If you are looking to increase hotel sales by becoming a dog-friendly hotel, you are not alone. There is a surge in hotels expanding their event and lodging accommodations to include pets. In the aftermath of COVID, corporate and vacation travelers are more apt to book events, meetings, and rooms at a pet-friendly hotel. 

To meet the demand of these dog owners, hotels are more hospitable to canine guests. They are allowing pets at weddings and events as well as adding pet packages and special amenities for their hotel rooms. 

If you are a hotelier and are considering offering some dog-friendly packages, you will gain additional sales. We’re excited to cover why becoming a dog-friendly hotel brings value to your hotel and can ultimately increase your event and guest room bookings.

Why dog people are great hotel customers

As a hotel thinking about making your business more amenable to pet owners, it is good practice to do some research and understand this growing segment of customers. You may be thinking that adding dogs and pets to your hotel business can bring unwanted hassle. But we’d like to share with you why attracting dog owners can be great for your hotel business.

1. Dog people are willing to spend money on things they care about

You may not know this but dog people spend billions on their pets each year. It is expected that in 2022, U.S. pet owners will spend $109.6 billion. What hotel wouldn’t want to encourage money-spending guests? Consider adding a la carte dog items for purchase.

2. They are generally agreeable, social people

Dog owners tend to be outgoing and kind towards others. It makes sense that dogs require the owners to get out for walks and interact with other people a lot. Through this experience, the dog owners become more amenable and friendly. For a hotel business, having happier guests is a positive thing.

3. Most pet owners are conscientious

Likely, the type of person that gets a dog has a strong sense of responsibility. After all, it takes a lot to care for and train a dog. We find that most dog owners want their pet to behave, clean up after their dogs, and do all they can to take care of their pooch. Because of this, having dogs at your hotel should ultimately enhance and not detract from your business. 

Will becoming dog-friendly increase hotel sales?

You might be aware that many people during the shutdown purchased and adopted dogs. But here’s a stat that is staggering! According to the ASPCA, as much as 1 in 5 households added a pup! 

As these people readapt to planning events and scheduling work and vacation travel, they are looking for pet-friendly hotel accommodations. Since they’ve worked at home alongside their furry friends, they are accustomed to being together. Simply offering and marketing a dog-friendly environment at your hotel can convince these people to book an event and room at your property and will therefore increase your sales.

Dogs and events

If your hotel has event space, consider welcoming dogs to this part of your business. Did you know there is a growing trend where many couples are looking to include their pup in their wedding

As for corporate events, we see that more corporations are embracing pet-friendly work environments. If you host corporate meetings, consider the opportunity to entice new business by allowing these guests to bring along their dogs. 

Establishing dog-friendly rules

When adding the ability for your guests to bring along their pups, you’ll want to be clear on your rules and expectations. Here are some things to think about.

  • Type and size: If you are adding dogs, what breed and weight restrictions do you have?
  • Dog zones: Be specific about the areas of the hotel the dogs are allowed.
  • Damage and liability: Inform guests of their responsibility for any damage or personal injury due to their pet. 
  • Leash: Dogs should be required to be on dog lead at all times. 
  • Barking: You also want to inform guests about your noise expectations.
  • Fees: Outline extra fees such as cleaning charges.

Amenities to offer dog owners

We’ve seen many hotels prepare for welcoming pups and working on ways to entice this new customer niche. Brands like Virgin Hotels have adopted pet-friendly policies to leverage demand for accommodations. There’s a trendy competition as many hotels work to outdo the next hotel with perks and amenities.

Standard pet-friendly amenities hotels should offer include:

  • Food dishes
  • Water bowls
  • Dog beds
  • Outdoor play areas
  • Dog runs with bags and disposal containers

If you want to gain more guests at your hotel, make sure you add a dog-friendly hotel package. Also, research other amenities you could provide or charge for. Appeal to doggie guests and offer things like:

  • Chew toys
  • Treats
  • Crates for rent
  • Dog-friendly restaurants and shops
  • Vet and groomer recommendations
  • Info about nearby trails, beaches, and parks

Are you ready to welcome four-legged guests?

We are so excited to see our hotel customers welcoming dogs and pets. If you happen to know Tripleseat, you know we love our dogs just as much as we love our customers! Want to learn more about how Tripleseat helps its hotel customers with event business and group sales? Request a demo today.