How 2 Venues Boosted Sales Up to $10,000 a Month With Tripleseat


Nashville has been in the spotlight the last few years as one of America’s hottest cities — it’s experienced a surge of job growth, new residents, and new businesses, including a booming restaurant and foodie scene.

So it’s no surprise that two of A. Marshall Hospitality’s Nashville venues — Deacon’s New South and Puckett’s — have seen more business as new residents and visitors flock to the Music City. Holly Carpenter, Event Sales Manager, says that she oversees 65 events a month between the two locations.

“Tripleseat helps us with other departments because it helps us communicate easily with the kitchen, with the front of house, with the host staff, with the service staff. It just makes my life easier, where they can log in, view what they need to, I can do a group discussion with them and the client doesn’t see it,” she said.

Thanks to Tripleseat’s event management features, event management has been more streamlined at Deacon’s New South and Puckett’s, which enables Carpenter’s team to increase private event bookings.

“I would definitely say that Tripleseat has increased our sales easily anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 a month depending on what time of year it is,” she said.

Watch our interview with Carpenter to find out more about how Tripleseat has enabled the team to be more organized and makes event management seamless between departments.

Tripleseat Testimonial: Holly Carpenter of A. Marshall Hospitality from Tripleseat on Vimeo.

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