Food Trends for Spring and Summer 2022 Events


We are very excited about upcoming food trends this spring and summer. After all, we are foodies here at Tripleseat! Let’s face it, food adds so much richness and pleasure to our lives. Particularly after a long disruption due to the pandemic, we are hungry to get out with others and eat great food. (See what we did there?) We’ll show you what to expect nationwide in kitchens, at dinner tables, at intimate parties, and at large-scale events.

What has influenced what we eat?

Our food options and choices have changed over the past few years. No doubt, the challenges of COVID have influenced eating trends. National shortages and supply chain issues made getting certain foods difficult and costly. We were unable to eat at restaurants and were restricted to take-out. Food choices also changed due to lower incomes from furloughs and lay-offs. Due to cooking fatigue and an over-extended stressful environment, we ate simple, fast, comfort foods.

Today, we emerge from home and into restaurants and gatherings. As a result, we see that people value and prioritize special, quality, and healthy food. Collectively, we have a new appreciation for life which includes the foods we eat. We want to experience new trends, different tastes, textures, and colors. We prioritize our health, togetherness, and becoming more careful of our world.

Spring and summer 2022 food trends

mushroom noodle dish

1. Healthy, sustainable mushrooms

At the top of the list of popular foods right now are mushrooms. It is long understood that they boost immunity and our overall health. So, it’s no wonder mushrooms make the list post-COVID. Considered a superfood, they are becoming so popular that we are seeing them in all sorts of forms. Sprinkle mushrooms in powder form over your dishes to provide a unique nutty flavor. We’ve also seen Lion’s Mane iced tea which would make for a good warm-weather drink at your summertime party.

Mushrooms are a sustainable food source that people like. This means that how they are produced, distributed, packaged, and consumed is healthy and safe. Also, mushrooms are fungi that are important for our environment. Mushrooms fertilize the soil and detoxify and reduce hydrocarbons and other toxins. Consider adding environmentally friendly mushrooms to your events’ appetizers and meals.

2. Gather for charcuterie

people gathered around a charcuterie table

It’s all about the presentation, right? Charcuterie, dinner, and meal boards are super popular as they are extremely social, sharable, and just fun. They provide a welcoming and somewhat adventuresome experience around the food being served.

We’ve seen the charcuterie trend a while back and it continues to be strong in popularity. There are all kinds of boards you can create including plant-based, breakfast, wellness, kid-friendly, and even charcuterie tables! Imagine a colorful scrumptious board, served in your outdoor setting? Spring and summer are perfect for presenting charcuterie boards filled with things like:

  • Sandwiches and wraps
  • Fresh fruit and veggies
  • Cheeses
  • Spreads
  • Crackers
  • Nuts
  • Pickles

3. Plant-based foods are growing

2022 food trends include a lot of plant-based foods. People are trying to reduce the amount of meat, poultry, and other animal products they are consuming. This is for both health and environmental benefits. This food trend has been termed “reducetarianism” or “flexitarian.” Expect to hear these buzzwords this year.

Even if a person isn’t opting to avoid animal products entirely, certainly they are working towards adding plant-based foods to their diets. Consider using alternative milk, including a newcomer on the market: potato milk! It is supposed to be very creamy, so rethink your alfredo sauce and mac and cheese. Plant-based fish is also becoming popular and available as a substitute for tuna, salmon, shrimp, and even caviar. Shrimp are created from a mix of plant-based protein powder and red algae. We’ve heard that the appearance, taste, and texture are perfect.

4. Spicy foods are hot

Spicy dishes are a hot trend! Make sure you offer your event guests an option that has some heat. You may be thinking as the weather warms up, why add heat to food? Well, did you know that spicy foods make you sweat which actually cools you down?

There are all sorts of options to add spice. For example, consider adding hot condiments like gochujang or harissa to your summertime sandwiches. A Sriracha vinaigrette on your salads is sure to be a popular option.

5. Ethnic foods get people together

Moroccan dish is top food trend

Yep, we are bored of the same-old,-same-old foods! We see a trend of interesting, ethnic food. In fact, the ethnic food market as a whole is growing fast. Variety truly is the spice of life.

Consider offering authentic, regional cuisine at your events such as Thai, Ethiopian, Mexican, or Moroccan. Offering unique dishes will truly please your guests and provide them with an experience. If they taste something they like, did you know they are more open about other cultures and people? Importantly, food truly can break down barriers and make our lives enriched and the world better. Cultural food brings people together.

Think about how to adapt your current menu to add some regional flavors. Add some jerk chicken to your flatbreads or some olive tapenade or goat cheese spread to your buffet.

Are you ready to try one of these food trends?

We know we are excited to try them here at Tripleseat!

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