FAQs About Tripleseat


I was writing down some FAQs that I hear a lot and I was so impressed with my answers to them that I thought I add them to the blog. This is just a sample of the questions I hear a lot. I will add more when I get the chance.


I am organized. Why do I need Tripleseat?

Tripleseat takes your existing process for managing your private dining business and streamlines it. Important data like contact information and booking history sitting in disjointed systems like e-mails, wall calendars, file folders, and three-ring binders are at risk to be lost and are very time-consuming to manage. The Private Dining business is between 10%-20% of total revenue for restaurants. If you do $1MM in gross revenue then $200,000 of that revenue is from Private Dining. Think about it, how many businesses that require as many details as private dining does operate on post-it notes and paper?

Do I have to change the way I manage my Private Dining business?

In a word, no. Tripleseat works the way you do. Tripleseat was designed by Jonathan a former Sales and Catering Manager for hotels and restaurants with input from hundreds of PD managers just like you. Tripleseat is an intuitive and flexible solution that makes managing your Private Dining business easier and more profitable. After one day with Tripleseat, you will be asking yourself how you managed without it. Guaranteed.

I have an e-mail form on my website already to capture leads why do I need Tripleseat’s SmartLead?

Tripleseat’s SmartLead is another distribution channel in addition to the phone and e-mail forms. The problem with e-mails is that they can get lost in spam, potential customers can forget critical information like dates, times, and # of people making it difficult for you to help them, and cut and pasting information into forms is very time consuming and prone to errors. . A recent Cornell study showed that consumers (your potential customers) prefer reservation style solutions over more traditional methods like phone and e-mail. Simply put, to catch more fish you need to cast a bigger net. Tripleseat SmartLead makes your net bigger by supplying a Private Dining landing page that can be added to your website, Facebook page, Online Reservation solution, even your outgoing e-mails.