Why Restaurants Should Use Facebook to Drive Event Bookings


Let’s face it – Facebook is here to stay. It is not only part of everyone’s daily social life but also a rapidly growing business tool. Most restaurants have that little Facebook icon on their websites linking you to their Facebook page where you have access to a deeper look at what’s going on behind the scenes in the restaurant. Chefs are posting recipes and alerting you to specials and tasting menus. Marketing mavens are giving fans that “like” restaurants discount codes and other insider giveaways that encourage these clients to become regulars. It allows them to interact with the guest beyond the four walls of the restaurant and keep them interested and engaged and wanting to return.

So why not book your next event or large party directly through the Facebook page? Tripleseat recently launched an amazing new function that adds a tab right on your Facebook page that looks exactly like the inquiry page on restaurants’ websites. This feature allows your already interested and browsing customers who are visiting your restaurant’s Facebook page to never leave the site. It just makes sense.

Social media is changing the business horizon and this seamless Tripleseat integration is part of the next phase for restaurateurs. Event planners and sales managers please take note – this is a no-brainer – add this to your Facebook pages now!!

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