EventCamp Exclusive: The First of Its Kind in NYC


At EventCamp, a recent gathering for restaurant and hotel sales and marketing professionals, the highlight was to focus on one big idea: that venues who could execute both technology and a personal touch during their events were the ones guaranteed success. Every single time.

The goal was for attendees to walk away with some actionable ideas and tools to bring into their own venues in order to increase productivity or rethink some of their approaches to their business.

As the only conference of its kind, those who attended were able to benefit from the expertise of industry professionals. Below, we recap some of the reactions from attendees and give you a rundown on the day’s happenings.

Keys to Success

A big point of discussion was how to engage more guests and customers using technology without forgetting that the heart of the service industry is communication and personal interaction–and that this is what makes a venue stand out time and time again.

Some of the brightest minds in hospitality and events were present to give their personal experiences, insights and offer guidance to all who came to learn.

Speakers and Guests Reactions

EventCamp was the brainchild of Jonathan Morse, CEO and Founder of Tripleseat, who has had over 30 years of experience in this industry. The exclusive event was held in NYC at Interface, the ideal creative space for conferences and corporate events.

One of the speakers was Charlee Williamson, Executive Vice President of the Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group. Charlee is most noted for her strategic marketing skills and unique business development strategies, which she has honed in her two decades with the Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group.

“Charlee Williamson was an excellent and entertaining speaker who provided some very useful information,” noted one attendant of EventCamp.

Other attendees shared their thoughts:

“Charlee Williamson was outstanding, and most of the presentations were also very informative! I would absolutely return next year! Also, the venue was perfect,” remarked other guests.

Lisa Flores, another guest speaker, held the audience captive as she talked about her experiences and forming a network to collaborate with competitions instead of competing with them.

“I loved the dynamism of the panel discussion and how organized Lisa’s presentation was,” some people said afterward.

A highlight of the event was having clients give their say and point of view. Often, we don’t hear from the other side. But insiders know that it’s everyone’s perspective that counts, and getting feedback or even positive criticism from your clients can help a business improve by leaps and bounds.

More Reactions from Our Attendees

While many of the experts and attendees had dozens of years of experience, it was encouraging to see how many young people were showing up to learn more about the industry and how to do it right in the age of social media and technology.

“Everyone was extremely knowledgeable in their field, and it was inspiring to see a lot of young people passionate about the future of event planning,” reported another guest.

Below are some more reactions we received from others who enjoyed this event by Tripleseat.

“Hi! I rated my session excellent because I had such an excellent time being with you and the Tripleseat team. I met so many nice people, and several gave me their cards to follow up with Slides. Thank you so much for your superb event planning, patience, direction and guidance. I took many notes to bring back to my own team. Wish there was a rating for the cotton candy – most excellent!”

“Being able to hear the planners’ side of things was extremely insightful. Amira’s session was full of energy and rejuvenating. Charlee’s session was a weak point of mine, but she made it very easy to understand and I personally loved the humor she added to what could have been a dull presentation. The entire event was extremely well-done and I thoroughly enjoyed attending. THANK YOU for all the hard work and effort put into making our experience so meaningful.”

“I honestly feel this event was orchestrated so well! I was able to gain a lot of useful information that I shared with my team. Ending with a light-hearted cocktail demo was key. Thank you!”

As you can see, having the industry knowledge captured in one place, creating a space where professionals can come together and share tips and tricks of the trade, is an experience well worth it!

Tripleseat is in the process of planning the next EventCamp! Please feel free to reach out to Latha Youngren with any questions, comments or suggestions!