EventCamp 2019: Marketing Session 2 Making Email Marketing Work for You


Of all the marketing tools available to hospitality businesses, email is the most underrated.

“You have to know what works for you, what fits your brand and your personality of your organization and go from there. But all in all, no matter how many social platforms keep being created, email is still king. It’s not dead. It’s anything but dead,” said Anissa Starnes, President of Swingbridge Consulting.

Starnes shared her tips on why email is still important and how your restaurant, hotel, or venue can use it to drive event bookings during our EventCamp 2019 conference. Her session was titled Marketing Session 2: Making Email Marketing Work for You.

Marketing emails get three times the conversion rate as social media content. And for every dollar spent on email marketing, businesses receive an average of $44.25 return on investment.

“Email works because we use it every day,” Starnes said. “We get our emails in the palm of our hand multiple times per day, per hour. Your customers have it in the palm of their hand. They’re being marketed to. And as long as you’re sending out stuff they want to read, you’re hitting a home run. Because they’re seeing your brand, they’re seeing your company, they’re thinking about you, even if they don’t need a venue or a hotel or a restaurant, they’re seeing your brand. So when they do need to rent something or find a venue, they’re going to think about you first.”

View Starnes’ full presentation below:

EventCamp 2019 Marketing Session 2: Making Email Marketing Work for You from Tripleseat on Vimeo.

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