EventCamp 2019: Experiences – Going Beyond Traditional Food and Beverage


Event clients are looking for more than a beautiful venue and the perfect menu. There’s a growing group of diners that want to walk away from their events with a memorable experience.

That’s where vendors like Heath Clark, Proprietor of H Clark Distillery, and Nick Elliott, Regional Sales Manager of Corsair Distillery, can help. Clark and Elliott spoke to our EventCamp 2019 attendees about partnering with distillers and other beverage companies to give event clients who are looking for something different more options for their next event.

Clark and Elliott have worked multiple events, from large trade shows to street festivals to nonprofit auction dinners, but the most effective concept they’ve seen are smaller, more intimate gatherings. Elliott said that guests who attend tastings, experiential dining events, or competitive food and beverage events not only get an excellent dining experience, but they walk away with knowledge of how their menu and cocktails are created.

“I think what’s the most effective are the smaller, intimate events for your hotels and your restaurants. Can you get that room? Can you set that ambiance? Can you really create exactly what you want and what that guest is going for?” Elliott said. “It’s really cool to give these people an explanation and now they’re a little bit smarter, they’re a little bit more educated. Everyone wants to leave an experience a little bit smarter than when they came in and they want to be able to transfer that knowledge next time they’re just sitting around their house with their friends.”

According to Clark creating a food and beverage experience is a huge win for the chefs and distillers, who get to show off what they do and create relationships.

“More importantly, those smaller, intimate settings … it lets the guests engage with the chef. And it lets them engage with us. And I think that sets them apart from the larger events,” Clark said. “When people want authenticity, they want that experience. They get something that’s not going to be on the menu or a little different conversation with who they get to interact with.”

Watch the full session, Experiences – Going Beyond Traditional Food and Beverage, below:

EventCamp 2019: Experiences: Going Beyond Traditional F&B from Tripleseat on Vimeo.

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