Event Planning Sucks Less with Tripleseat


Who doesn’t love a party? Good food, fun drinks and friends. Even off site meetings can be fun. When you go to a good event or banquet you know it. You can tell that the host paid attention to the details and the restaurant or event venue executed well. What most people don’t realize is that it takes a village to pull off a good event. Everyone involved in the event needs to be on the same page and have intimate understanding of everything that is happening. This can cause a good deal of stress for both the host(ess) and restaurant’s event planner.

Do you think the mini crab cakes just show up by magic? Oh no… there is at least ten discussions on that crab cake. How many do I serve for 50 people? Will they be hot passed? Should I have them on a station? What time should they come out? How do they taste? Can I taste them? Can I taste them again? and again? For the person who is throwing the event, the stress is very high as this might be there first catered party ever. If they don’t pull it off, it could cost them their job or lose a friend. Trust is the key ingredient for an event to be successful. The Host has to trust the Event Manager and the manager has to pull it off.

Take the Stress Out of Event Planning

Take the Stress Out of Event Planning

With so many people involved in an event (think about it: Chef, Event Manager, Restaurant Manager, Server(s), Bartenders and any outside vendors) it is critical that communication is flawless. If  a Host makes a single change to the event everyone has to know about it. More importantly, the Host needs to know in his or her soul that you understood the change and will “make it happen.”

There is no such thing as too much communication between the catering manager and the host. Luckily, we live in an age where electronic communication is easy but people want it faster and more transparent. This desire of transparency and instant communication is why Discussions with Tripleseat is such a huge hit with restaurants and their customers. Make a change? Not a problem. With a simple click of the mouse the entire village knows about it and more trust is built.

At Tripleseat we are making event planning suck less.