Event Planner’s Perspective: Life is Easier with Tripleseat



Megan Gardner, Director of Events for Fine Entertainment in Las Vegas, was fast-tracked into the crazy arena of multiple large events. She found that Tripleseat helped her with this big undertaking in a more manageable way. Check out what she had to say in her own words.

As a former Events Coordinator with little experience with a large company, coming into the world of corporate events threw me off quite a bit. I went from hosting small events of 30-40 people twice a month to hundreds of people sometimes more than once a day. That is without throwing that fact that I now had 5 different venues to choose from. Tripleseat became a life saver with keeping me organized. With the phone ringing off the hook and emails flowing in I felt relief in knowing Tripleseat wasn’t going to give me anymore of a headache then I already had. 6 months after joining Fine Entertainment my Director left and I was asked to step into her position. This left me a little wary as now I would have the task of training someone new. Luckily Tripleseat made my life that much easier. With how user friendly the system is my new assistant picked it up very easily. Within a week she had everything in the office down pat and she was starting to take some of the stress off of my shoulders. We both came from a company that used Microsoft Word to generate all their contracts, which we in turn had to go in and erase certain sections to fill in the correct info and calculate all the financials ourselves and then just pray and hope we didn’t make a mistake that would cost us. Let’s just say Tripleseat has been a game changer.

Megan Gardner