Event Planner's Perspective: How to Manage Yourself While Managing Restaurant Events.



Erica Albericci, Food and Beverage Coordinator and Private Dining at the Intercontinental San Francisco, shares her tips for successfully managing yourself while managing the busy world of restaurant events.

Coffee–check! Water and lots of it–Check! A drawer full of snack bars–check! These are all items required needed to fuel my day as an event manager for a Michelin-star restaurant in a high volume hotel. I fire up my computer and bam 25 e-mails. How did so many e-mails come in overnight? Why are there so many internal e-mails that have nothing to do with me? Why so much junk e-mail? The first thing I do is quickly delete all the junk e-mail, then I quickly go through all my internal emails. The key to managing yourself while planning events is to stay organized. I keep a daily journal of all my tasks; I love the satisfaction of crossing out a task when it’s done! With Gmail I use the star key and color code my e-mails, from orange to green to red with red being the most important. It’s a crazy demanding world out there and as event planners we get pulled in so many different directions. Doing just these little tasks will help you stay focused and organized. Now go get yourself another cup of coffee!