What Corporate Event Planners Want From Your Venue


Event managers for restaurants, hotels and unique venues know corporate events are easier to plan and more profitable than social events. There are $1.8 million events hosted in the US annually, 50% of which are attended by less than 50 people. Corporate meetings with less than 100 attendees alone make up 71% of the event meeting market.  It is no mystery why all venues that have event space target corporate meeting planners. The big question all event managers ask is “what do corporate event managers want from our venues?”

In April, Tripleseat held the first conference ever specifically for event managers called EventCamp and at this conference, we invited three corporate event planners and asked them the questions all event managers wanted to know. We asked them questions like “What are you looking for from a venue?” “How do you like to be approached to introduce a new venue?” “Where do you search for a venue?” “How fast do you want a response from a lead?” All of the corporate event planners did not pull any punches and their responses may surprise you. The #1 frustration was the lack of response to a lead or request for information!

Check out the video and see for yourself what corporate event planners really want from you and your venue.