3 Great and Inexpensive Ways of Finding Catering Event Business


All the restaurant Sales Event Managers I meet always ask me the same question; “how are other restaurants finding catering and private dining business?”

The real answer to that questions is that there is no silver bullet but there are ways restaurants can find leads for their event business. Here are some suggestions:

1) Put your website to work-You spent thousands of dollars for your website it is time to start getting some return for that investment. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is black magic to most of us but there is no shortage of SEO experts that can help drive traffic to your site. If you are a go getter, try Hubspot, you have to do a lot of work on your own, but the price is right for restaurants.
2. Capture the Business 24/7-Once you have traffic to your site pull them in with the Tripleseat Maitre’D Lead Capturing module. How many clicks does someone have to make to find your private dining page. What happens next if they want to make an inquiry? If you are like most restaurants you have a phone number and/or a e-mail address. Unfortunately e-mail gets lost or stuck in spam and the person answering the phone may do a lousy job of taking the inquiry. The results is lost business. Capture your private dining business with Booking Maitre’D and never lose an inquiry again. Remember “the first one in wins”
3.Twitter with a Twist-Try doing a search on Twitter like “Private Dining” and you will see a lot of people looking for recommendations for a place to hold an event. You can use a service called Tweetlater that will search on anything you want for you and e-mail the results. Great time saver plus it is like having leads e-mailed to you.

tweet-postThese tips are just a few that are available to all restaurants looking boost their private dining sales. Tripleseat and Tripleseat’s Booking Maitre’D are the complete package for any restaurant looking to organize and capture more private dining and catering business.