3 Great Web Apps To Help Book More Event Business




Tripleseat is a Sales and Event Management tool with the emphasis on Sales. Obviously, before you can plan the event you have to sell the venue first. Luckily, there are some great tools to help the Event Sales Manager book more business. Here are three great web based tools that will make selling your restaurant, hotel or unique venue quick and easy.

  1. CallDrip (www.calldrip.com)-This web app, in a word, is brilliant. How many times has someone filled out the Tripleseat Lead Form and when you go to call the lead back they don’t pick up the phone? With CallDrip this problem is solved. How it works is really simple, when a Prospect fills out the Tripleseat Lead Form, CallDrip will automatically dial both you AND the Prospect and connect you both when the Prospect answers. To the Prospect it looks like you called them right back, almost instantly. You can set CallDrip to call the Prospect in seconds after filling out the Lead Form or in minutes.  Remember the “first one in, wins” and this will make you the first one every time!
  2. ToutApp (www1.toutapp.com)-Toutapp is a secret weapon for all Event Sales Managers who like to use email over the phone. With ToutApp you can easily create email templates (similar to the ones you use in Tripleseat when sending BEO’s or any docs) directly from your email. With Toutapp you no longer have to type the same email over and over again. Just select the template you want and boom you’re done. A huge time saver for you. Another great feature is that ToutApp provides tracking across all your sales communications. Discover when a prospect views your email, clicks on your company’s website or reads your presentation.
  3. Instapage (www.instapage.com)-In your emails and proposals, are you linking people back to your website? Sometimes that is not a great idea, especially when it comes to Private Dining or selling your event space. Why? Because you are making the Prospect click around the website to find the relevant information. Why not make a landing web page? I know, I know, you have no idea how to create a website or even where to start. Enter Instapage. They make creating beautiful landing pages super easy. Load in all the pictures you want, create content that is relevant to what you are selling and track what works. When you are ready to publish the landing page, simply click one button and now you have your own web page with a link ready to share with your Prospects

All of these tools are not very expensive and like Tripleseat will provide a huge return for you and your event business. Let me know what tools you use to help book more event business.