5 Tips to Book More Events This Summer




To put a twist on the Game of Thrones famous saying, Summer is coming.  This is the time, historically, that a majority of venues see a lull in events. The wedding and graduation parties start to slow down and many corporate events go on a hiatus as employees scatter to take vacations.

If you find yourself in a little bit of a panic because bookings are starting to slow, don’t stress out. Here are some sure-fired ways to boost your sales this Summer:

  1. Hold an Event Yourself – Put on an event for Event Planners and Corporate Meeting Planners in your venue. This is a perfect time to show off your food and space to the people who make the buying decisions when it comes to where to hold a party. Show your appreciation to past customers and wow new customers.
  2. Check Your Local CVB – The CVB is the Convention Bureau. The CVB should have a listing of all the upcoming events and who the planners are for those events. Give the planners a call and let them know you are open for business and can create a special event just for them.
  3. Discount Your Food and Beverage Minimum – A Saturday in August is not as valuable as a Saturday in December. Do some email marketing to your existing client base to let them know that the coveted Saturday night is available for a short time and now is the time to book it.
  4. Sponsor A Local Event – Almost every town in America has a 4th of July event. Sponsor a special event with a banner or something that makes you stand out. Be top of mind during the Summer as the place to have a unique and fantastic event and people will book your venue.
  5. Hit The Road – Get out there and introduce yourself and your restaurant to the local businesses. Bring a brochure or something that highlights the venue as a place for meetings and events.
  6. Bonus Tip – Update Your Venue Listing on Tripleseat – Make sure you are putting your best foot forward by making sure your Tripleseat Venue Listing is up to date with awesome pictures and content about your venue.

Don’t get caught with low bookings. Try some (or all) of these tips and I guarantee you will see your summer Bookings soar.