New, New and Some More New


If you are frequent visitor to the Tripleseat website you probably have noticed some changes, some huge changes. That’s not your eyes playing tricks on you that is our new website.

We worked very closely with Oxide designs to come up with what we feel is a clean website that really captures what Tripleseat is all about. Take a look around and play with the new ROI calculator and see the Tripleseat White Paper presentation. Check out the number of leads, bookings, and revenue that Tripleseat is currently managing. We are well over $85 MILLION dollars in revenue managed by Tripleseat. Holy Cow!

Coming soon is some more “new” with a feature release that will make checking function space and managing multiple units and cross booking among sister restaurants even easier. This release is something we have been talking about doing for some time now and we are pretty stoked to roll it out in the next few weeks.

Keep your eyes posted for the release notice!