9 Reasons Why Event Professionals are Awesome


Did you know that there’s a special holiday for event professionals?

Tuesday, Oct. 23 is Event Organizer’s Day.

And why shouldn’t there be a holiday? Event professionals have a big impact on the economy. The events industry generates more than 5.9 million jobs in the United States, and event professionals help to produce a GDP that’s higher than the GDP of the motion picture and recording industry.

In honor of Event Organizer’s Day, we’ve created this infographic of statistics — 9 Reasons Why Event Professionals are Awesome. Share it with your event industry colleagues and celebrate the great work that you do!

Connect with your peers 
It’s important to find community in any industry, especially for event professionals. Check out this talk from Lisa Flores, Director of Sales and Marketing for Columbus Hospitality, about why she created SERV (Society for Event Planners: Restaurant Venues) as a way to learn, grow, and connect in the industry.

EventCamp 2017 Session 2: Working With Your Competition and Creating a Network from Tripleseat on Vimeo.

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