7 Tips from Event Professionals on Stress Relief


While the holiday season is normally an overwhelming time with calendars full of in-person events, the 2020 holiday season is stressful for other reasons. Maybe even for the opposite reason, caused by the need to get creative with holiday packages and promotions this year.

Let’s be honest, the entire year of 2020 has been stressful because of COVID-19, so we can always learn a few tips from one another about stress relief. We have been hosting a challenge on Instagram this month to get customers to destress through certain holiday activities, along with asking them what makes them feel less stressed when faced with a stressful year. Take a look at how some of our customers deal with stressful times.

1. Carol Morris of 4Top Hospitality

2. Deanna Mangiardi of Brownwood Hotel & Spa

3. Lauren Rullo of Weber Grill Restaurant

4. Whitney Eccher of 4Top Hospitality

5. Chelsea Messick of Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar

6. Dena Tidwell of Ole Red Nashville

7. Michelle Cheng of Le Colonial SF

Check out the holiday photo challenge on Instagram

Since the start of December, Tripleseat customers and employees have been enjoying different holiday activities to help destress and sharing photos on Instagram. We are currently in week three of the challenge, but there is still a full week four left – starting 12/21! Check out some of the photo submissions below and read the challenge instructions if you are interested in joining the final week!