6 Top Features Corporate Planners Want In A Hotel


2020 is going to be a big year for corporate meetings and events, with businesses planning to hold more and spend more over the coming months. 

Your hotel can benefit from the revenue that comes from this year’s meetings and events growth if it has the features that corporate event planners are looking for. Here are six features event planners need when booking corporate meetings and events.

1. Enough hotel rooms

Supply and demand for hotel rooms have been an issue for corporate event planners. The availability hasn’t kept up with the demand as the meetings and events industry has expanded. It’s important for your hotel to list the number of total rooms available on your website and contact your local Chamber of Commerce and business groups to let them know your hotel is available for future events. If your venue can’t be the preferred hotel for group bookings because you don’t have enough rooms, then offer to be a second or third choice on the recommended list once the main venue is sold out.

2. An interesting aesthetic

Companies are looking for more than a white, windowless room with a giant conference table; they can get that back at the office for free. They’re interested in booking meetings and events at venues that have an interesting look and feel that you can achieve with decor, murals by local artists, lighting, themes, natural light, or a gorgeous view from the windows. Check out these 13 amenities from Tripleseat customers for inspiration. 

3. A large space for corporate events

Corporate events can include trade shows, conferences with one track where all attendees are in a large room for the entire day, meals or cocktail parties, networking events, and other sessions that draw large crowds. Your stage, ballroom or flexible meeting rooms that can create a large space when walls are removed can be the right fit for planners that need a lot of room. Post photos and capacity information about your large spaces on your website so planners can spot that information right away.

4. Smaller spaces for meetings or breakout sessions

Some meetings and events have multiple tracks or side activities that are going to require additional space. Attendees also like to take time out in a lounge area with multiple tables or bar to have meetings with a couple of people. Hotels that have smaller meeting rooms to handle these sessions will be ideal for planners looking for conference space to handle these smaller groups in addition to the main event in a ballroom.

5. Coworking spaces

The work doesn’t stop for attendees when they’re spending time at a corporate event. They’re going to want to take breaks to check emails, have conference calls, and get back to their projects in between sessions or during downtime. Bars, lounges, or lobbies that have a variety of seating options such as couches, comfy chairs, and small tables are perfect for coworking spaces. Just make sure there’s a strong wifi signal and plenty of outlets.

6. Bar, restaurant, or catering

Whether your hotel is the main site for a corporate meeting or event, or patronized by its attendees, you can make revenue based off of meals and parties. Corporate planners booking hotels for large conferences will need a restaurant or catering resources for served or buffet-style meals, as well as cocktail hours. Hotels that have and bars and restaurants are perfect venues for smaller gatherings like networking parties, happy hours, or small groups that want to have a night out.

Use these tips and tools to grow your corporate event bookings and revenue

Having some or all of these features can drive more corporate bookings for your hotel, whether it’s the main location for corporate meetings and events or an off-site, additional venue for attendees. Get the word out about your amenities in your marketing by using the suggestions in our guide, 4 Tips on How to Market Your Venue to Corporate Event Planners.

After you review the tips, schedule a demo to see Tripleseat in action. Our event management features can help you increase and manage the group sales that are essential for filling hotel guest rooms, booking event function spaces, growing banquet revenues, and increasing your overall revenue.

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