6 Tips for Driving Event Sales


Depending on the time of year, the scope of your offerings, or any number of other factors, event sales may not always be where you want them to be for your private events program. Luckily, software like Tripleseat helps make things seamless, automated, and easy to navigate.

But when it comes to driving event sales, there are plenty of things you and your team can implement to give them a boost — we’re breaking down six ideas below.

1. Highlight what makes your venue stand out

What’s unique about your venue? Maybe it’s a nontraditional space, or it has a rooftop, or it’s got built-in attractions, like a winery’s tasting room. Whatever it is that makes your venue stand out, make sure to highlight that in both your discussions with prospective clients and in your business’s overall branding. Include photos of past events (with permission from your client) on your website and listings sites VENUES and EventUp so prospects can visualize their next wedding or corporate event at your venue. This will help potential event customers easily differentiate you from the competition.

2. Target your audience

Depending on the size, type, and availability of your venue, determine who you want your audience to be in order to properly target them for events. If you’re a big-name restaurant group, you can broaden your reach beyond your regular in-town customer base. More than likely, event prospects have heard your name and know about your space. If you’re a one-off venue with a smaller event space or more limited event-throwing hours, that should factor into your marketing plan.

3. Encourage word-of-mouth buzz

Word of mouth is a huge way to take your private events program to the next level — happy customers can be repeat customers, and they’re likely to spread the word about their successful event experience at your venue. You can encourage this by offering a discount or extra amenities for return customers or for those who recommend someone who successfully books an event within a certain amount of time.

4. Make venue details easy to find online

While you don’t necessarily need an exhaustive breakdown of the dimensions and offerings of your event space, it’s helpful to make sure information regarding your events program is front and center when people are searching or scrolling through your company’s website. Consider creating a page dedicated to private dining or events where you can showcase more information and photos. You can also host our lead form on this page that allows customers to instantly send an event inquiry 24/7 that you’ll be alerted of instantaneously via our software platform.

5. Use social media for brand promotion

Using social media is a great way to promote your event venue without breaking the bank. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook not only allow you to post photos, details, and any promotions you offer, but it allows event clients to tag your venue, create a searchable hashtag and post their own photos showing off your space. You can even reach new prospective clients that wouldn’t know about your venue otherwise. It’s crucial, however, to be consistent in your posting so that those accessing your accounts see up-to-date photos and the most credible information.

6. Try out email marketing

Most venues and restaurants typically fall into the trap of sending out monthly emails that include a few news updates. Make your emails stand out through a streamlined design, short copy, and a call to action. Get to the point in your email — prospects don’t want to read through paragraphs of text to see what you’re trying to market. An added reason that people aren’t opening your emails could be that they seem impersonal. Personalize it and try to relate to your consumer, and your response rate will increase.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on the Gather blog and written by Caroline Cox.