5 Places to Gather Event Leads That Aren’t Your Website


Did you know that it takes an average of 6-8 touches to generate a viable sales lead?

Consumers are bombarded with messages about products and services online, in their email inboxes, and on any number of tools they use to find information multiple times a day.

This means that in order to reach potential leads, your venue has to talk about your services over and over again in the places that prospects use to discover information about purchases. The good news is that as a Tripleseat customer, you have a tool that can be shared everywhere to reach prospects where they are and makes it easy for them to start a conversation with you: the lead form link.

You’ve most likely added the link to your website, but you need to go further than that to remind them about what you offer (remember: 6 to 8 touches). To help you out, we have 5 suggestions for places to share your lead form link to make sure that prospects see it and can act on it when they’re ready to book with your venue.

Get started by finding your lead form link (the video below explains the steps), and then trying these tactics:

1. Social media “about” section

If you’re using social media marketing to promote your venue, make sure to list your link in the about section of your business’ profiles. That’s a common place for users to click to view your contact information, hours, and website. Having your lead form link there saves them from clicking your through to your website and looking all over the place to find your event booking information.

2. Social media posts

Have you created social media posts that announce your event services and remind followers that your venue hosts different event types and has multiple options and amenities to fit their needs? Create some posts for your social profiles to promote your venue and always include the lead form link. Give them a call to action in the post that asks prospects to click the link and fill out the form to get the process started.

3. Digital ads

Are you running pay-per-click ads on Google or social media ads? Create some ads specifically for your events business and include your lead form link there. Target those digital ads to people who are more likely to use your services, and direct them to the lead form link.

4. Email marketing

There are two parts to using your lead form link in your email marketing. The first part is to include it in any sales email or email newsletter you’re sending to customers and prospects through an email service provider. Tell them about any specials or seasonal information about your events business, and let them know they can act now by filling out your lead form.

The second part involves your day-to-day communication directly to prospects through your Outlook or Gmail. Embed your lead form link in your email signature and draw them in with text that catches their attention like, “Did you know we also book events?” or “Book now for your holiday party!”

5. Videos and photos

When you share photos about your event services, make a note in the caption in the photos and albums that includes the lead form link so viewers can reach out to you to book their own events. Add it to video captions as well as popups or annotations that can be added to videos that redirect the viewer to your call to action and lead form link.

Be visible to boost your business      

The more your lead form link is available to prospects, the more likely they’ll see it, remember it, and act on in when they’re planning their next event. Don’t keep it hidden on your website! Start with these 5 tactics and expand to other locations (such as directories and your Google My Business listing) to reach more people.

Need more information on your lead form?

Check out our FAQs on the Tripleseat lead form link. Or reach out to our support team.