5 Fall Cocktails We Want to Sip All Season


As the weather gets chillier the further we move into the fall season, there is nothing better than cozying up to a delicious cocktail in order to fully experience the feelings of fall. Fall is full of flavors that can be found in the form of hot and cold cocktails, with different drinks for different occasions. Check out some of the fall cocktails we want to sip all season.

1. Marea’s Trinidad Sour No 2

The Trinidad Sour No 2 at Marea is the perfect example of what a festive fall drink should look like, with its gorgeous orange color. The Trinidad Sour No 2 is made with angostura, nonino amaro quintessentia, spiced almond orgeat, and lemon. Enjoy this lovely cocktail with an incredible dining experience on your next trip to the Big Apple at Marea, a one Michelin star restaurant and part of the Altamarea Restaurant Group.


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2. The Bancroft’s Tamarind Flip

If you like your cocktails a little bit thicker, check out The Bancroft’s Tamarind Flip. This gorgeous cocktail is made with Old Monk rum, Amaro Averna, tamarind, whole egg, and nutmeg. It is never too early to start adding nutmeg into your cocktails! Enjoy this beverage along with a menu of meat and seafood. The Bancroft is a modern American steakhouse by Webber Restaurant Group and is located in Burlington, Mass.


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3. Employees Only’s Billionaire

Bring on the color and the flavor with this cocktail from Employees Only in Los Angeles. The Billionaire cocktail is as rich as it sounds, made with high-proof bourbon, lemon, grenadine, and Employees Only absinthe bitters. This one is “strong and boozy,” as described by Employees Only, and perfect for the fall season. Check out Employees Only for yourself in West Hollywood.

4. Heist Brewery’s Hive Fives

When you think of fall drinks, you probably think of a nice tall beer in hand. If you’re in Charlotte, N.C., then this beer could be from Heist Brewery. Try the Hive Fives, for example, which is Heist’s hazy pale ale with local honey and Citra and Azacca hops. This house favorite drink is very drinkable at a 5.5% ABV, according to Heist. Enjoy it in the comfort of your own home or during an evening at Heist Brewery along with their delicious menu of burgers, flatbreads, wings, and other bites.


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5. Attico Rooftop’s Full Monte

To finish up this cocktail roundup, we bring you a gin cocktail. The Full Monte, found at the Attico Rooftop in Philadelphia, is made up of gin, Amaro Montenegro, strawberry, lemon, and coriander. Enjoy this fruity cocktail along with rooftop views and Attico bites, like cacio e pepe arancini, lamb meatballs, and sweet potato gnocchi. Attico Rooftop is located in Philadelphia on top of the Cambria Hotel. 

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