5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Venue with Video on Instagram


If your venue is using social media marketing to promote your business, you’re most likely on Instagram
But are you using the right content on Instagram to drive bookings? Photos are lovely to look at but video is what brings in the customers. Just take a look at these stats from Sprout Social:

  • 91% of users watch videos on Instagram weekly.
  • 73% of businesses report acquiring new customers from an Instagram Story.
  • Half of users say they have visited a brand’s website to purchase a product or service after seeing it featured in Stories.

One of the great things about using social media for video is that it doesn’t have to be overly produced or perfect. It just has to be authentic and show viewers what your venue does. That’s it.

If you’re still struggling with how to showcase your venue, try one of these five easy ways to create videos for posts, Reels, and Stories on Instagram.

1. Behind the scenes 

This video from The Arlo in Austin shows just how beautiful an event can be at their venue, from their outdoor space down to the details of table settings and floral arrangements inside.

2. How the work gets done

People love everything about food, from the kitchen to the table. Try a time-lapse video, like this one from Prati Italia in Jacksonville, Fla., of food prep to catch viewers’ attention.

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A post shared by Prati Italia (@pratiitaliajax)

3. Your menu

Speaking of food, photos sometimes don’t do your menu justice. A video of all of the melty, cheesy, beautiful, colorful, delicious food on a plate — like this brunch video from B.B. Lemon in Houston (the grilled cheese with tomato soup is drool-worthy) — can be a showstopper in the Instagram feed.

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A post shared by Jake & Lois | Houston Food (@houstonfoodtrip)

4. The atmosphere

If you’re in a big city, gorgeous location, or fun neighborhood. Show it off. The atmosphere is a part of your venue. This video from Muriel’s makes you want to come in, sit down, and be a part of the New Orleans charm.

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A post shared by Muriel’s Jackson Square (@murielsnola)

5. Be trendy

Trends are trends because everyone likes them and everyone’s talking about them. Got a slow day but want to share content? Do the latest dance trend like the staff at Big Grove Brewery, who are dropping it low to Beyoncé. 

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A post shared by Big Grove Brewery (@biggrovebrewery)

Stand out and get more bookings

Sharing video helps your venue stand out, show off your expertise, and give customers a look at what to expect when working with you. Get started with one of these five ideas, and keep the momentum going by posting a couple of videos per month.

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Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the EventUp blog.