5 Creative Events Your Venue Can Host


Looking to get a fresh crop of event clients and guests through your doors? Mix it up by reaching out to local businesses that offer creative event options!

Whether you’re a restaurant, event space, or nontraditional venue, opening yourself up to get-togethers outside of the usual event offerings can do wonders to make you stand out from the crowd.

Not sure where to begin? Tripleseat is here to help. Below, we’ve listed a handful of creative events to consider hosting at your venue that will keep attendees entertained — and your events calendar booked. All of these events can be held with COVID-19 social distancing and safety precautions in mind.

1. Cooking classes

As a restaurant or catering business, why not take advantage of mornings or weeknights you are less busy and offer a cooking class? If you’re a restaurant, you can have your chef run the show, or offer a space to be rented out by a pro. You could even stick to the bar area and have a master mixologist walk guests through the steps to craft a seasonal cocktail.

2. Yoga sessions

Yoga sessions at breweries, wineries, and similar venue types have exploded in popularity in the past few years — and for good reason. Spaces like this offer a cool and unique area for stretching, sweating, and deep breathing. You’re also giving guests the opportunity to relax somewhere and mingle with other yogis after class (with a drink or two, of course).

3. DIY events

Why not take advantage of the rise of the DIY (or do-it-yourself) culture? From string art to terrarium making, there are plenty of small project how-tos you can host in your space as alternatives to a typical networking event. It’ll give your clients and their attendees a chance to break out of the normal event mindset and try something new. It’s also an event type that lends itself more easily to the less-popular weeknight event time slots.

4. Artist markets

Offering up your space for an artist market is a great way to get new potential clients through your doors through both the vendors and the guests. These markets often range from various art mediums to clothing, jewelry, and much more. These events often have live entertainment and sometimes bring in their own food and drink vendors as well, if your venue permits.

5. Paint nights

If you have the space, reaching out to a local studio to host a paint night in your restaurant or brewery is a creative way to mix up your event calendar. Guests get an opportunity to flex their artistic muscles and leave with both a tangible piece of art as well as a memorable experience. Tailoring this event to your venue is the key to its success. This is a great opportunity to offer your client add-ons like an open bar or passed apps as well.

Watch your event bookings grow

Once you start hosting these creative events, your venue will receive positive word of mouth, and that will lead to even more event bookings. You’ll need the right tools to manage them all —  find out how Tripleseat can help streamline private events at your venue.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on the Gather blog and written by Holly Edwards.