4 Offers Restaurants, Venues, and Hotels Can Create for Corporate Planners


While so much about the future remains unknown, there is something that we in the hospitality industry do know: meetings are still happening. Whether virtually, socially distanced, or a hybrid of both, corporate planners still have a marketing budget to spend. With the holidays approaching, there will be plenty of opportunities to book some corporate business for your restaurant, venue, or hotel — it might just take a little bit of creativity and collaboration on your part.

When it comes to some clients, most don’t know what a venue can do or what they can offer until it’s put in front of them, especially in these unprecedented times. Here are four offers your venue can create to spark some interest from corporate clients and help you book some more events before the end of the year.

1. Virtual chef experiences

We are all looking for ways to up our Zoom game, especially since Zoom meetings have become a bit repetitive (and I’ll be honest, they’re boring). Instead, put together some virtual chef experiences for your corporate client to spice up their next zoom meeting. For some inspiration, check out what TAO has put together with their interactive virtual chef experience, which includes a dedicated website and even a trivia game integration.

Fabio Trabocchi has also launched its Fabio at home, where corporate clients can go to create high-quality experiential food and beverage services for their important events. Virtual experiences are more than just a cooking lesson, they’re a chance for guests to become interactive, connect, and banter with each other, almost as if it was an in-person experience.

2. Offer up your space 

2020 has really challenged us to look at things differently and that includes your venue. Corporate clients who are running their own virtual events and meetings are looking for unique spaces to broadcast from, so offer up your venue! Put together a package that includes some AV and production support, and you’re sure to attract some interest. Don’t just settle for meetings; tell clients and prospects that your space is available for photoshoots, small meetings, and workspaces. These are great ways to generate revenue.

XV Beacon Hotel did just that — they are promoting boutique offices that you can rent for a change of scenery from working from home. Who doesn’t want to escape their home office for a bit and enjoy a trendy environment that feels like home, but with all the amenities of a real office? 

3. Enticing incentives 

As I’ve mentioned, events are happening, and they are happening in person. Corporate planners are looking at venues for socially-distanced meetings, so how do you get those planners to choose your venue? Create enticing incentives that event planners are looking for, such as waived cancellation fees and minimums, or if you are offering off-site catering waived delivery fees. Or put together some gifts or concessions they can choose from if they book by a certain date, such as a complimentary welcome drink or appetizer, complimentary bar upgrade, food and beverage discount, or discounts on AV. While planners do have some budget to spend, everyone likes to feel like they are still getting more bang for their buck. 

4. Offer offsite catering or customized tasting boxes

We talked a lot about this on our Social Hour with Lisa Flores, where she suggested venues to be a corporate client’s Blue Apron. This idea is very similar to virtual chef experiences; you can put together specially curated tasting boxes or meals for your corporate clients to be delivered. It may take some brainstorming, but put together some packages or tastings, such as champagne and caviar, wine and cheese, or even sushi and saki as options, or get with your chef and see what other creative options you are able to come up with for your corporate clients. Consider putting together a meal for corporate clients to have delivered to local employees. Offer to brand it and add in a special note — these will be great for those virtual breakfast, lunch, or dinner meetings. Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you should have to cook at home!

Next steps

Need a way for customers to order off-site catering, personal experiences, or special food boxes that are seamless and easy to book? We have just the thing! Stay tuned for our upcoming new feature announcement. Not yet a Tripleseat customer? Schedule a demo to learn more about how Tripleseat can help you build and streamline more than just your private dining business.

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