4 Last-Minute Ways to Show Your Customers Love on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is an important day in the restaurant business. It’s the second-busiest day of the year – 70 million Americans will dine out for the holiday, and 31% of adults said they would prefer a restaurant gift card as a Valentine’s Day gift.

This means a lot of eyes are on you this time of year. Take advantage of the attention and use the holiday to show your customers how much you love them.

If you need some inspiration, take a look at these four examples of Tripleseat customers who do a great job of showing the love:

1. Share customer photos

This is an easy way to show your love for your customers! Check your Facebook page (click the Community section under your profile photo) and Instagram locations to find out what photos your customers have been posting of your venue. Share them to your Facebook page timeline, or use an app like Repost to share the image on Instagram and thank your customer in the caption. You could also create a photo album or make a video of the best customer photos, like Mistral Restaurant in Boston did to showcase the best customer pics of 2017. Don’t forget to tag them so they’ll see it!

2. Thank them for their reviews

If your customers post a review of your restaurant or venue on Facebook or Yelp, leave a comment thanking them for taking the time to write it. If it’s a negative review, address their concerns and offer a solution. Le Pain Quotidien does a fantastic job of addressing reviews. Here’s an example of a Yelp review of their Midtown East location in New York City and Le Pain Quotidien’s reply.

3. Share your expertise

We’re not suggesting that you should give away your secret recipes. Show your customers how you do what you do and give them some culinary tips along the way. People love getting a behind the scenes look and they’ll appreciate how much work goes into your menu. The Modern’s Instagram account takes their customers behind the scenes regularly by posting photos and videos of how they create a special experience for their guests.

4. Offer them a discount

Giving customers a special offer is a great way to build a relationship with them! Lucky Strike got creative for Valentine’s Day this year on their Facebook page with a Star Wars-themed post and a holiday discount.

Love is all around

Don’t just show your customers love on Valentine’s Day. You can use these tips all year round to show your customers how much you value them.

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