4 Key Times You Can Automate Feedback Collection During Your Event Management Process


By Sandra Holland, Director of Marketing for Benbria

How do your prospective customers feel about the start of the sales process? Are they happy with their booking experience? Do you want to know how your customers feel ahead of their event with you? Will they rebook with your venue again and recommend you to their friends after their event is concluded? All these questions are valuable to understanding customer satisfaction and loyalty to your business.

Collecting data during these key milestones in their journey with you will give you the data you need to ensure that you’re maximizing your revenue and have the most efficient workflows.

1. Before the sale

How do prospective customers feel five days after they have reached out to you? Were they contacted quickly by a knowledgeable team member that was able to help them with their request?

Automatically connecting to prospective customers a number of days post-lead creation in Tripleseat is a great way to understand their view of the sales process and recover any missed leads. This makes the return on investment (ROI) very simple, especially if you can automate the feedback collection workflow.

With Loop, you are able to set up automated emails to be sent after a set number of days after a lead has been created in Tripleseat. These automated emails are customized to your brand look and messaging and include a link for feedback. The simple custom survey can review the questions that matter most to you about this part of the process.

Some examples:

  • Were you happy with the amount of time it took for someone to reach out to you?
  • Was the team member knowledgeable?
  • Was the team member able to satisfy your request?
  • What could we have done differently to improve your experience with us?

See an example pre-sales survey using Loop.

2. After the sale

Now that your lead has either been won or lost, how did the prospective customer feel about the overall process? If the lead was lost, do you know why? Understanding the circumstances surrounding a lost opportunity is very valuable to the business. Is there something you could have done differently to recover that prospective customer? You won’t know until you ask.

Sending out an automated email a defined number of days after you have either marked the lead as won or lost in Tripleseat allows you to reach these prospective customers with the right content at the right time. Any feedback you can capture during this time of the event management process can help improve training for staff, how workflows are handled, or any technical issues you may be experiencing.

Some examples:

  • Were you satisfied with the sales process?
  • Was the team member you worked with helpful?
  • Why did you choose not to book your event with us?

See an example post-sales survey using Loop.

3. Before the event

You’ve closed the sale, the event is booked, and you’re getting ready to host your customer. Do they have everything they need to feel comfortable with their booking?

Provide your customer the opportunity to give feedback before their event kicks off. This can help reduce possible frustration, concerns, or any problems they may have before you have them and their guests on site. A smooth running event is good for everyone, and if you can handle any issues ahead of time, it will make the experience better for both the customer and your team.

This also gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your customers and distribute any information they may need to know about the event, venue, or staff. Automatically scheduling these emails a number of days before the event kicks off takes the manual work off your team’s shoulders and gives the customer the care that they deserve.

Some examples:

  • Are you looking forward to having your event with us?
  • Do you have everything you need?
  • Please share any concerns you have prior to your event.

See an example of a pre-event survey using Loop.

4. After the event

This is the most obvious time to collect feedback from your customers since they can reflect on the whole process with you, from reaching out to executing their event. This is where you can effectively determine customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Understanding your reputation with customers who you have run events with you and what they may share with their networks or online is key to being able to ensure repeat business.

Some examples:

  • Were you satisfied with your event at our location?
  • Was the food fresh and tasty?
  • Were the facilities clean?
  • Was the ambiance up to your expectations?
  • Will you book with us again?
  • Would you recommend us to a friend?

See an example post-event survey using Loop.

Taking the manual work out of this process helps teams to solicit feedback in a timely manner once the event has closed. Whether you want to reach out an hour or a day after the event is closed, you can set up that automated workflow in Loop. 

Loop + Tripleseat = Reducing Manual Work Through Automation

The Loop Experience Platform is integrated with Tripleseat, allowing you to automatically collect feedback pre-sales, post-sales, pre-event, and post-event.

Syncing Tripleseat to Loop is easy, and once you have designed your surveys and email templates, you can set the timing for each automated event. Everything is customized to your unique use case so that your brand and key performance indicators can be met.

Want to learn more? For information on the Loop partnership with Tripleseat, please visit info.tripleseat.com/benbrialoop.