4 Creative Thanksgiving Ideas to Drive More Holiday Sales at Your Venue


The 2021 holiday season is shaping up to be busier than last year, with consumers able to celebrate in public places and travel to see family and friends, thanks to the availability of COVID-19 vaccines. According to consumers who responded to our 2021 Holiday Restaurant and Hotel Bookings survey, 75 percent will be hosting or planning holiday events, and 54 percent report they have or will use catering for their 2021 gatherings.

Your venue can capture that holiday revenue by using some creative ideas to get customers in the door. Here are a few examples to inspire your Thanksgiving promotions:

1. Have an event

Some venues are planning events with live bands and other entertainment, which is a great way to attract people who are looking for something to do during the holiday week. Legal Draft Beer Co. in Arlington, Texas, is getting the party started early this week with a ping pong tournament. And they’re giving away prizes that will be the highlight of their customers’ Thanksgiving dinner. The first-place winners receive five cases of beer, second place gets three cases, and the third-place team wins one case.

2. Provide something different

Not everyone has the traditional turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes at their meal. Some gatherings mix up their menu with different cuisine, and that’s where Eataly Boston comes in. Their Thanksgiving options include pizza, seafood, lamb, steak, pasta, charcuterie, Italian desserts, and more. No one will say no to an Italian feast, especially if you get to try a little of everything at the table.

3. Offer to do some of the work

Some people want to have a homemade Thanksgiving dinner, while others opt to order an entirely catered meal. But then there are customers who do a little of each. If your venue can provide the main entree, the dessert, the beverages, or something else, let them know in your marketing. True Food Kitchen, which has locations across the United States, has all of the basics covered, from starters to salads to sides.

4. Team up

Partnering with other local restaurants, small businesses, farmers’ markets, and neighborhood groups can help to get the word out about your venue’s holiday offerings. Union Square Partnership in New York City wrote a blog post highlighting where to get ingredients, order catering, or dine out for the holiday. They linked to restaurants in the neighborhood, including Union Square Cafe and Gramercy Tavern.

TripleseatDirect makes it easy for guests to purchase from your venue

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