4 Changes You Can Make to Your Tripleseat Account that Will Boost Holiday Revenue


As all event professionals know, the holiday season is an essential time to drive business at your venue from guests celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, and more at your location. In order to make the most of the bustling holiday season, make sure that you are taking full advantage of these four opportunities to increase efficiency in your business and market yourself to diners this season and beyond.

1. VENUES by Tripleseat Profile

Tripleseat has its very own venue directory called VENUES by Tripleseat, which is the best place for event planners to find a space to host their next private event. Make sure that your venue is being noticed by the tens of thousands of prospects searching the site by building up your free venue listing. All Tripleseat customers have the option to create a venue listing to include a venue description, cuisine type, amenities, event spaces, awards, photographs, and more showcasing all of your venue’s wonderful qualities.

If you have not yet edited your venue listing, make sure to do so by heading to Tripleseat Settings > Public Listings > Edit under a selected location. This will give you access to fill in or update all of your venue’s information. In order to ensure you are creating the most optimized listing for your venue, check out our guide for building your public listing on VENUES by Tripleseat.

We also offer various sponsored listings packages that will help put your venue at the top of a search for venues like your own. Check out the premium or premium plus opportunities to generate the greatest leads possible on VENUES by Tripleseat.

2. Tripleseat’s Advanced Reporting Platform (TARP)

Tripleseat’s Advanced Reporting Platform (TARP) is an advanced subscription reporting tool that offers users 20+ single-click reports based on all of the data from the start of the Tripleseat account’s existence. TARP reports will help you gain deeper insights into your business, spot trends in activity, and assist you in taking actionable steps to measure and improve your event business for the holiday season and beyond.

TARP reports on the event level, booking level, and sales level of your business. Whether it is using an event pace report to show your boss how much you beat last year’s holiday season goals, booking repeat business in 2020 with high revenue customers by monitoring event trends, or educating your sales team on various analyses of their performance this year, TARP reports will give you the reports you need for the end of your year.

To learn how to set up Tripleseat Advanced Reporting Platform on your account, click here, or reach out to Marcus Craigwell at marcus@tripleseat.com.

3. Tripleseat + Clover Connect and Stripe

As an event professional using Tripleseat, you are streamlining your events business by using all of its distinct features to manage leads, connect with guests, and execute business at your venue. Make sure you are taking advantage of every way Tripleseat can help you streamline your business, especially during the busy holiday season, by using Clover Connect or Stripe payment methods.

Tripleseat’s integration with two of the most efficient payment processing systems, Clover Connect and Stripe, streamlines the way you accept and manage payments, all while reducing your monthly payment fees. Using a credit card processor within your Tripleseat account will help alleviate any tedious payment tasks and ensure your venue receives the payment it needs during the bustling holiday rush.

If you have not already done so, head to Tripleseat Settings > Online Payments > Add an Online Payment Account in order to set up Stripe or Clover Connect with your account. If you are unsure which payment processing system will be best for you, click here for more information.

4. Tripleseat + TripAdvisor

While many of your venues may already be booked for private events this holiday season, you still want your venue to be found online by diners looking for a quick bite during the week, or parties looking to book at the start of the new year. What better place to have your venue seen than on TripAdvisor?

Tripleseat’s exclusive partnership with TripAdvisor allows Tripleseat customers to access TripAdvisor Ads and Premium package at a discounted rate for the first year. TripAdvisor Ads will give you preferred placement to the 200 million average monthly restaurant views on the TripAdvisor site. Gain highly qualified traffic to your listing at no risk as you only pay for the clicks you receive. TripAdvisor Premium allows you to highlight your best features in a unique storyboard, share the top three reasons why a diner would love your restaurant, and pin favorite reviews.

To learn more about the TripAdvisor offerings as a Tripleseat customer, click here or reach out to Marcus Craigwell at marcus@tripleseat.com.

Get ready to grow your leads and event revenue

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