3 Trends for the Hospitality Industry from the Event Planner Expo


A lot has changed for the hospitality industry in the last two years as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but what trends have made the biggest impact?

Industry experts covered these changes during the recent Event Planner Expo held in New York City. The conference included speakers and panels on topics such as sales strategies, marketing, partnerships, and more.

Three trends stood out among the presentations:

1. Industry resources and support

During the all-industry summit panel, participants shared how their organizations and the industry increased their efforts to help event professionals during lockdowns and layoffs. Some started weekly Zoom meetings to share best practices and offer support. There were also increased efforts to share job postings and partner with other industry organizations. 

Hallia Baker, Vice President of Education for Meeting Professionals International’s New York City chapter, said that MPI opened up its resources for everyone in the industry, regardless of membership status. In addition to free education, they reduced membership fees and started a mentorship program.

“We understand that everyone’s just looking to stay connected,” Baker said. “By opening up our education so that everyone is included, you say, ‘Now, I have a community.’”

2. A personal approach to sales

Tips shared during the expo’s panel on sales strategies focused on how event professionals need to be more personal when working with prospects and clients. People don’t want to be treated with the same approach as everyone else.

Doing research on clients before connecting with them, listening to their goals and determining how your services can help them achieve those goals, and focusing on their needs will go a long way to booking more events, according to Alicia Schiro, CEO of Aced It Events.

“It’s not about you. It’s about the customer,” Schiro said. “Your goal is to help them. When you approach it that way, it creates this totally different collaboration.”

3. Go behind the brand on social media

Event clients want to relate to the vendors they’re working with, according to the expo’s social media panelists. They want to see your expertise, event inspiration, authenticity, and the people who help you get the job done.

Show your followers photos and videos that tell the story of your brand, including the positive and negative moments. They all show a complete picture of who you are and how your company works.

“One of the best ways to encourage your audience to engage with you is to create something that motivates them,” said Sabrina Shore, CEO and Founder of Influence Digital Solutions. “Be vulnerable. Don’t just try to show off. Show behind the scenes. Show the faces behind the events. Show the people who make it happen.”

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