3 Ideas to Provide Hotel Leisure Guests With Health and Wellness Options


The hotel industry has seen a big shift from corporate and group market segments to the leisure market segment. But the leisure market segment clearly has a different set of needs in comparison to the corporate or group segments, and it is important to understand and cater to those needs. 

For leisure travelers, they value the overall experience of their travel accommodations. It is important to make the most of their time on-site and make them feel welcome and comfortable. One of the top requests from guests is accommodations for exercise and wellness. Offering new and unique ways to stay fit on property could enhance your leisure travelers’ experience, and help put heads in beds.

According to a Tripleseat survey, 69% of respondents are going to be booking a hotel room this holiday season, and a few of our hotel customers are embracing the shift toward the leisure market by offering some fitness and health-inspired accommodations. Here are a few hotels that are ready to embrace and comfort their holiday leisure travelers:

1. Rise Uptown: Spa credits

Rise Uptown hotel is offering a package called The More the Merrier during the holidays with a daily spa credit to keep you relaxed and comfortable during your stay. With discounted room rates and credits at the spa, these guests will feel relaxed and right at home.

Over the past year and a half, health has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Your hotel can embrace that by offering special discounted spa services, health-focused amenities in the guest rooms, or healthy dishes in your restaurant or room service kitchens. Relaxation and health go hand in hand, so why not help your holiday travelers relax and unwind during the craziness of the holiday season?

2. Hotel Saint Vincent: Yoga classes

Much like silent disco yoga, Hotel Saint Vincent in New Orleans offers Felice Flow Yoga every Saturday morning. Creating a weekly workout option in one of your event spaces is a great way to keep your guests on their workout routine. If you have A/V capabilities, it may be a good idea to queue up a YouTube workout video so no one needs to teach the class.

Be sure to enter this weekly event into Tripleseat so it shows up as blocked space on your calendar. If weather permits, it may be a good idea to utilize one of your outdoor spaces to give your guests a breath of fresh air and some outside time.

3. TOURISTS: Weekly hikes

TOURISTS in North Adams, Mass., offers weekly hikes in their property’s surrounding area. This is posted on their happenings calendar on their website. This is a nice way to get your health-conscious guests outside and working out while seeing some local scenery. It is also a unique offering that differentiates this property from its competitors.

Offering a map of some local running or walking routes in the surrounding area at the front desk or in the guest rooms is a good option too. This is nice for runners or walkers who might not want to hit the treadmill or participate in group activities. It could be great for business travelers who enjoy keeping fit while on work trips, or a new kind of team building activity for a corporate group staying at your property. Upload this map to your file library so you are able to send it to any leads or contacts in the future.

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The possibilities are endless for ways to enhance leisure travelers’ stay on your property. The leisure market is influenced by the travel experience at each location they visit. It is important during this holiday season to help your guests feel safe and relaxed at your hotel. Hopefully, these ideas inspire you to create some kind of health-conscious offering to bring in more leisure travelers.

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