3 Cocktail Trends to Know



Craft cocktail programs have never been bigger; these days, new bars and restaurants are all but expected to have strong cocktail lists. But what’s on those lists in 2013? Here are three cocktail trends to watch out for.

A focus on classics. It’s no secret that classic cocktails have made a return, but we’re increasingly seeing bars dive deeper into exploring them. At Costata, a contemporary Italian steakhouse in New York’s Soho,  there’s a whole martini menu: 4 different selections exploring different gins, vermouths, and garnishes.

Culinary inspiration. All sorts of ingredients that we associate with the kitchen are finding their way to the bar. The “Tom Yum” at Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria is a perfect example of an established dish inspiring a novel cocktail, with the flavors of the Thai soup emerging in a drink of Grey Goose, kaffir lime, lemongrass, and chili.

Beer and wine. Drinks with a champagne float are nothing new, but we’re seeing more beer- and wine-based drinks than ever. At Distilled NY, the “Sparkle & Shine” makes use of cherry moonshine, vanilla, and a rhubarb shrub along with champagne; and the “Franklin Fizz” uses grapes, bitters, reposado tequila, and egg white along with a toasted lager.