$27 Billion and Counting


Did you know that according to the National Restaurant Association restaurant private dining and catering generated over $27 Billion dollars last year? According to Forbes.com “Private Dining spaces are in higher demand then ever”

The American Restaurant Association in it’s 2007 Annual Forecast stated the 50% of Casual Dining operators and 60% of Fine Dining Operators expect private dining events to represent a larger share of total future business.

The normal tendency for restaurant operators is to view private dining as an extension of the main room. Itʼs important to regard private dining as a separate business, one that will expand your customer base and increase your profits.

If you’re like most, you probably use a paper book or a ad hoc system to manage your private dining events.While this system works, it has many well-known problems:
1) It’s very time consuming
2) It’s disorganized
3) It loses money

To survive in the 21st century, restaurateurs will need to adapt. Paper and Ad Hoc systems are on the way out. Look at it this way, restaurants are where hotels were 15 years ago, when all banquet events were handled by paper systems.Today, more than 80% of hotels use an automated system for all of their banquet business.

Unfortunately, most of the technology solutions available to restaurants are elaborate, expensive, and difficult to use. You’re in the restaurant business, not the technology business.You deserve a solution that is tailored for your specific needs — a solution that seamlessly fits into your current way of working.